Cunardo: tomorrow, the “Party school”, a day dedicated to the boys

Published on May 26, 2017

It will be held on Saturday, may 27, at the Baita Country of Cunardo, the “Party school”. To organise the initiative, cha will start at 9.30 and end at 23.30, the plexuses of the school children of Ferrera, of the primary schools of Cunardo and Ganna and secondary Cunardo. Here is the whole program of the day. Cunardo: tomorrow, the “Party school”, a day dedicated to the boys. Tomorrow, Saturday, may 27, at the Baita Country of Cunardo, the plexuses of the school children of Ferrera, of the primary schools of Cunardo and Ganna and secondary Cunardo will give life to a day of celebration dedicated to children that will last from the morning until 9.30 till 23.30: the “Party school”. An occasion in which they are planned performances artistic music of the pupils of all the classes, a walk along the cycle path from Cunardo Ganna and the guided visit to the natural reserve of Ganna. In the long and varied programming you will then be the concert of the orchestra of the pupils of the music, as well as a theatrical representation in English, a combination of art, poetry and fashion by the pupils of the third of the secondary, a fashion show of the creations of a former student, in addition, that the lottery with beautiful prizes. There will also be activities like yoga for children and kids and jokes for adults. The invitation is addressed to all: students, parents, teachers, investigators, and friends. The pride of the day, the ode to joy, the european anthem, played by the orchestra of the children, sung by the choir, and marked in LIS. Here is the full programme of the “Party school”. The day will start at 9.30 am with the opening to the public of the Chalet of the Cross of Cunardo, where at 10 a.m. we will start walking along the path, at the time of Ganna, where you will visit the environmental nature Reserve. Participation is open to all, with registration at the school, collected by professor Capoti, for pupils of the secondary school and their families, and at the Hut by 10 am on Saturday the 27th. The entry fee is 2 euros. At 10.15 in the care of children of nursery school of Ferrera will be “Sing together”, while at 10:30 the “tutor” of the fifth, in view of a continuity between scuola dell'infanzia and primary school, they will pass the baton to the Remigini of the schools of the children of the territory who will attend in the school year 2017/2018, the primary school in Cunardo, and Valganna. Between the hours of 10.40 will then start the performances for musical and artistic students of the classes of the primary school of Cunardo, and Valganna. The lunch is scheduled for 12: 45 and will be maintained by the Company Agricola Locatelli di Marzio, as will dinner. Yoga classes, theatre shows, musical performances and much more on the program for the afternoon. Many of the activities in the program for the afternoon, starting from the possibility of “yoga “ for children and young people and courses of GAGS and gymnastics for adults from 15 to 18 hours. The snack, which will be offered to all pupils from the Comprehensive school, will be held at 16, while at 16.30 will start the show in the English language, “The Canterville Ghost” by the pupils of the secondary school and the prof.ssa Margherita Rizzuto. You will then pass to the musical performance of class 1 A, 1B, 1C, 2 A, 2B, 3 A, 3 B sc. Secondary, followed by professor Luana Sciacca, scheduled for 17.30. At 18.30 will be the turn of performances by the music groups of the set of classes of violin, sax, piano and flute of the orchestra and, INDEED, of the classes 1 A, 2A/B to address music and the choir of the school by M. Bianchini, M. P Di Grigoli, L. Platinetti, G. Stilo, in collaboration with the Choir white Hands directed by Miriam Gant and Simona Chiolerio. The dinner will take place at 19.30, while at 20.30 will start the show of the classes 3A and 3B of the secondary “Art, music, poetry and fashion”, curated by professor Clare Bellorini. The appointment with the fashion show of the creations of well-known designer cunardese Alessio Haven, is to 21.30 and will be “on the catwalk” of the models of the exception. The programming of this busy day will conclude with the extraction of the prizes of the lottery which will be held at 22 pm.

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