Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason by G. A. Gualtieri, M. Nucci, and V. Befani | Review


Published on May 22, 2019


Like the drop that digs the rock, the patient, but inexorable, Editorial Cosmos continues to present great classics of Italian comics in a form affordable to most people but also to produce new comics that are all strictly Made in Italy by look out on the stage, which has a population of new and young writers, just think of the great Caput Mundi Caput Mundi: or Black the necklace A Hero for A Battle.

In this same spirit, arrives on newsstands and in comic book store Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason, self-contained story which celebrates one of the authors who most influenced the imagery of pop culture, and in particular horrorifico, or H. P. Lovercraft.

Inside the insane Asylum of Innsmouth sinister noises and the dark presences anticipate mysterious disappearances. For this reason, the director of the institute, and the few employees left and decide to take up a collection and hire the private investigator Arthur Gilman, a very well-known but now lost in the maze of alcoholism.

Gilman initially is reluctant to accept the assignment because at Innsmouth is interned the man who killed his girlfriend but when the director confirms that the man was hanged, Gilman also accepts a banquet from the large sum of money offered to him.

Coupling in the dark mansion, Gilman must soon banish her skepticism when the first-person experience of the grim atmosphere. The disappearance of another member of staff triggers an investigation that leads to the resolution of the mystery.

Gilman was a victim of a terrible “game” but just when all seems finished after having faced their own demons, the detective discovers that in the basement of the Innsmouth patients are the lesser of evils... someone wants to awaken something, something evil and primal.

Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason, pays homage in the best way possible for the tradition lovercraftiana with a story where the true horror is not so much in the presence of monsters in the literal sense of the term but rather in the descent into madness of the human mind and the inability to conceive of the impossible over the real.

Julius A. Gualtieri and Marco Nucci created a story that works as a perverse game of chinese boxes in which the protagonist is catapulted into a world where nothing is as it seems and that seems to be reduced to a very bad and grotesque joke, until the true horror is revealed in his lucid madness.

Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason, especially in its first part recalls in certain situations some of the stories of Tiziano Sclavi, while the protagonist follows for the key pulp another character of the bonelli tradition, but to extract fully the opposite, or Nathan's.

Thus giving the coordinates familiar to the reader, the two writers can focus on improving the atmosphere of their story – thus demonstrating that he truly understood the teachings of the prophet of Providence – indulging then a final classically lovercraftiano that the reader begins ominously to glimpse, and to wait, by the half of the register then.

Great pencils by Valerio Befani. His trait stylized fact of essential lines, adapts well to the story with the light and shade is very deep which boosts the moments of the atmosphere of the story. The construction of the table is most ordered, and clear the array definition, enhancing the quality of storytelling of the designer, that aspect is absolutely not to be underestimated in a story that offers at least a couple of twist important.

As always, Editorial Cosmos, the result is a column solid and essential in the best tradition of comics from the newsstand and Italian.

Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason is a story recommended for lovers of a certain kind of atmosphere psychotic which Lovercraft was a pioneer – just think of a few stories of Stephen King, just to mention an example of the reach of all – but also to those who for example wants to fill in the breaks between one game session and another to the Houses of The Madness.

The squeal at the end of the volume also portends that the series could continue with other stories of episodic offering a anthology is certainly interesting in the current production landscape of the comic book of our own.

Cthulhu – The Abyss of Reason by G. A. Gualtieri, M. Nucci, and V. Befani | Review of




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