Crunchyroll Italy announces Domestic Girlfriend and another new


Published on Feb 04, 2019


Crunchyroll has announced two new animated series currently being broadcast in Japan: the anime taken from the manga Domestic Girlfriend of Kei Sasuga (four episodes already available, the others will come out every Friday) and How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno (Ueno-san wa Bukiyou), the adaptation of the manga of tugeneko in progress on the Young Animal Hakusensha.

Domestic Girlfriend
every Friday at 18:40

Natsuo is a high schooler who tries the overwhelming despair of a love that is restless towards his professor, Hina. To revive his spirit, attends a party where he meets a girl called Rui. The two sleep together, thinking of not seeing ever again, but fate has other plans. His life is complicated suddenly when his father announces he remarried with a woman who has already met the daughters: Hina and Rui!

How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno
every Sunday at 17:45

Ueno is not just the president of the club of science at the middle school, but also an inventor of genius! However, despite how much it may try, there is a big problem that seems not to be able to resolve. No matter how much you try, cannot find the way to express himself to Tanaka, he has a crush on! She is able to find the way to give your heart what you really want?

Crunchyroll Italy announces Domestic Girlfriend and another novelty is




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