Crunchyroll announces Try Knights and SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN


Published on Jul 25, 2019


Crunchyroll Italy has announced two new animated series that will be available in streaming at the same time the airing in Japan, Try Knights and SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN.

from 26 July to 11:00

The nations, a time full of pride and glory, are now in ruins after the great wars that have occurred repeatedly, and this is an age in which the great land is covered by mountains of debris. At the end, as soon as they hit the first intimation of the restoration, it turns out that a mysterious virus called “Yellow Zombie Virus” has been played everywhere in the last few years, losing the infected to their will, prompting them to attack every Mobile Suit one after the other.

To protect themselves from the infected attacking them, the Mobile Suit are obliged to live inside the city fortress. However, behind the fortifications, to the death of the previous lord, the lord Dong Zhuo is as much a despot as it is possible.

Try Knights
from July 30 to 19:30

Haruma Riku starts high school with no prospects for the future. Therefore, with a quick glance, his attention is captivated by a wild student movements, revolution in the sports field of the school. Jumps higher, runs faster, and gives all, more than anyone He has ever seen. This student is Kariya Akira the sport they practice, is precisely where Riku tried to in the past, but surrendering: the rugby. Seeing Akira run into a rough ride is not refined, He suggests some advice without thinking about it, and these words lit up again in him the passion for the game of rugby. With this first meeting between these two young men, one tactical and the other is physical, a new light begins to shine in the future with Him.

Crunchyroll announces Try Knights and SD Gundam World SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN is




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