Crunchyroll announces first anime simulcast for the Winter 2018


Published on Dec 15, 2017


Crunchyroll has announced the first round of titles — seven — that will also be available for users in italy during the winter of 2018. Let's see together:


The new animated series science fiction created by the studios responsible for Kill la Kill and Sword Art Online:

“Dream to fly one day in the infinite sky, even if they are painfully aware of how far beyond the glass that blocks their flight.

The distant future: mankind has founded a fortress city, mobile, Plantation, on the lands desolate, in ruins and the civilization has thrived. In the city, there are neighborhoods of pilots called Mistilteinn, also known as the “Aviaries”. It is there that the lives of the children... ignorant of everything concerning the outside world and how vast the sky. Their only mission in life is to fight.

Their enemies are the mysterious organisms, the giants called Kyoryu. The children manipulate robot called FRANXX to face these enemies never seen before, believing the purpose of their life. Between them there was a child who all regarded it as a prodigy: code name 016, Hiro. Yet, it is now considered a failure, and is considered useless. Those who are not able to drive the FRANXX does not in fact exist.

One day, a mysterious girl named Zero-Two appears in front of Hiro. On his face grew two attractive horns.

“I found you, my Darling.””

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Adaptation of the light novel of the same name Hiro Ainana and shri produced by Silver Link (Restaurant to Another World) and Connect:

““Sato”, also known as Ichiro Suzuki is a programmer in the middle of a funeral procession. In theory, just had to take a nap, but it is risveglaito in another world... in Front of him there is what looks like the menu of the video game he was working on before nap. It is the first framework and the first level. However, it appeared the option to “explore the whole map,” which serves to help new players to clean up the entire map with three “Rain of Meteors”. Suddenly, appears in front of him a group of lizard-men and in order to survive Sato uses the Rain of Meteors, up to the level 310 and becomes extremely rich. That is a dream or reality, the trip Was about to begin.”

Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko

Original production made by Studio Gokumi (KINMOZA!).

“Since ancient times, the priestesses Kannagi they have used their swords, or Okatana, to exorcise the creatures called Aratama that bring chaos in the world of man. These girls are called Toji. They are a special team within the police and have the permission to bring the Okatana because they are officers of the government, but for the most part they are just girls of the middle and high school who attend one of five training schools in the Country. Even if they live a life as a normal high school girls, if you are entrusted with a mission are challenging their Okatana, and release their power in order to fight to protect people.

This spring, the best Toji of each of the five schools in the Country, will gather for the regular tournament. Here will use their skills and fight for the podium. Even if there are many Toji that you are trained and prepared for the tournament, there is a girl who is more determined to improve his skills of fencing. What is behind the Okatana?”


Transposition of the animated manga yuri of Saburouta, animated by studio Passion (Hinako Notes):

“Yuzu, a high school girl gyaru who has never been in love, moved in a girls school after her mother's second marriage. Already angry for not being able to find a boyfriend in her new school, she meets in the worst possible way the beautiful brunette, Mei, the president of the student council. For more, after he discovers that Mei is her new half-sister, and who lived under the same roof! So begins the love story between two completely different girls between them who discover they are attracted to one another!”

By Junji Ito Collection

The animated series that adapts some of the short stories by the master of thrill by junji Ito (Gyo, Uzumaki), produced by Studio Deen (Fate/stay night):

Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Sequel to Basilisk by studio Seven Arcs Pictures (TRINITY SEVEN):

“The struggle for the succession that continued for three generations of the shogun in the era Keichou culminated in a battle bloody of ninja arts among the clans, Kouga and Iga.
In a flurry of petals, a man and a woman determined to live according to the love they are separated.

However, it is said that the hands of the adopted son of Hattori Hanzo, Kyouhachirou, these two “petals” have received new life and have left memories behind them. Two children, born with a destiny, by the name of Kouga Hachirou and Iga Hibiki. The first one has the same eyes of the father and the second of the mother.

We are in the era Kan'ei and the Country is at peace. The ninja begin to disappear, because they are considered useless, so the clans, Kouga and Iga, they ask a favor of Hachiro and Hibiki hoping to return it to its former glory.”

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

The anime adaptation of the series of novels and winner of the prize Dengeki 2013 written by Chiaki Kisaki and illustrated by Hako Ichiiro, prepared by studio Satelight (Aquarion):

At first glance, Fukuoka seems quiet, but in reality, crime is rampant: the city is a battle ground for the assassins of the profession, detective, people seeking revenge, informants, experts of torture... And in the meantime, an “assassin of assassins professionals” makes its appearance...”


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