Crunchyroll announces 7 new anime series ‘the originals’ with a trailer


Published on Feb 25, 2020


Crunchyroll has announced the co-production of a new animated series called Crunchyroll Originals, through an official trailer that we can watch in the opening of this article.

Among these titles is also present In the/Spectre transposition of the animated light novel Kyo Shirodaira that debuted last January 11, and which is being spread on Crunchyroll:

Iwanaga Kotoko became the goddess of wisdom for supernatural creatures and spends her days to resolve their problems. Anyway, the guy that is madly in love, Sakuragawa Kuro, is feared by all supernatural beings. The two face many mysterious incidents involving the occult in this series of love, feelings and mystery. Where will these cases mysterious? And what will happen to the crush of Kotoko?

The other series are:

Onyx Equinox
Created by Sofia Alexander, the animated series follows the adventures of a young Aztec who, saved from death by the gods, is chosen as a sample of humanity; it will debut this Summer.

The God of High School
Taken from the manhwa of Yongje Park, it is animated by studio MAP (Terror in Resonance).

Meiji Gekken: Sword & Gun
Set in the Japan of the 1870s, tells the story of a former samurai, a bodyguard of Yakuza, a lamp and a geisha, an assassin looking to escape from the sins of their past and find a place in the changing Meiji Era.

Tower of God
Adaptation of the manhwa of the SIU by studio Telecom Animation Film (Lupin the Third: Part 5).

High Guardian Spice
Designed by Raye Rodriguez, follows four girls who are training to become the greatest heroines of the High Guardian Academy.

Adaptation of the manhwa of Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee by Production I. G (Ghost in the Shell).

Transposition of the comics of the same name by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, published by Edizioni BD in Italy.

Crunchyroll announces 7 new anime series ‘the originals’ with a trailer is




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