Cristina Scabbia is the new judge of "The Voice": all about the singer, from private life to her career


Published on Mar 17, 2018


New entry to The Voice 2018: Cristina Scabbia is so ready to debut on tv. On the 22nd of march starts one of the talent show, the most beloved of the last few years, The Voice of Italy, where aspiring singers compete counting only on his own item, hoping to convince at least one of the four judges who make up the jury that will choose them for their squadra.Su one of the red chairs is reconfirmed in the role of a judge the rapper J-Ax, which this year will be joined by Al Bano, Francesco Renga, and then her: Cristina Scabbia. A bold choice for the first evening of the Rai 2, the general public perhaps does not know who is this pretty brunette with huge eyes and dark, while fans of music and underground culture will not stand in the skin. Cristina Scabbia, in fact, a native of Quarto Oggiaro, since 1991 it is the voice of Lacuna Coil, a band and gothic metal, which remains one of the few born in Italy to have established themselves at the highest levels on the international music scene.

Cristina was not born with the passion for metal, so much so that the singer has often said that his favorite voices are black, as Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. Scabies begins to sing when very young, after high school carries out the work in more varied roles, making deliveries or serving at the tables in the premises. It was the bartender, when thanks to some friends deejay is offered the opportunity to sample his voice for dance tracks, which then became great successes of the period. The approach to the metal happened with the meeting with Marco Coti Zelati, bass player Lacuna Coil, with which Cristina and started a relationship which lasted about ten years. Join the band as a vocalist to support the main singer Andrea Ferro, but soon is given more prominence and also becomes her first entry of the band together with the colleague.

The Lacuna Coil are the ranks and reach soon the heights of success, winning fans in the alternative music and turning the stages all over the world. It is right in between a festival and the other, and in long time the dead spent in the caravan of the respective band Cristina Scabbia meets Jim Root, guitarist of Slipknot and Stone Sour. A meeting that will turn into a long love story, which lasted from 2004 to the spring of 2017.

Cristina Scabbia was the first and to date only woman to have performed on the stage of Ozzfest, a music festival in the u.s., sponsored by " Ozzy Osbourne and the only woman to have been lauded on the covers of the most important magazines dedicated to the metal music.

HOW OLD IS CRISTINA SCABBIA? Class of 1972, Cristina Scabbia was born on the 6th of June in Milan today, then, has 46 years . Even as a little girl she always had a passion for singing and was joined in the music lessons with those of the school.

Often it has been awarded the title of the sex symbol, the definition of which the singer takes it with irony, claiming to have fun playing with the makeup and with its appearance only for the pictures, and be a person very simple in everyday life.The singer milan has crossed the 225mila followers on his page on Instagram, where she shares images about his work but also to his personal passions, such as that new video games. In private life, Cristina Scabbia, has been romantically linked for about ten years, with the already mentioned Marco Coti Zelati. Since 2004, instead, is engaged with the american Jim Root, guitarist for heavy metal band Slipknot. In addition to the music, is a great lover of the kitchen. This passion has led her, in 2008, to conduct a cooking program on channel Rock TV, with the saxophonist of sixpence none the richer, Andrea Fumagalli.

Also for you not missing any hater that has accused her of being changed and having been sold in participating in such a program as The Voice; Cristina responds with an old photograph that shows her in the arms of J-Ax, in the caption highlights how important it is to occasionally get in the game and step out of their comfort zone, and as the best way to learn something new is to widen their horizons and jump into new challenges.

A beautiful peperino, Cristina Scabbia, that certainly will not make discounts to the singers in the grass and that will, in this context, for her, so new, lacks the strong personality that has made the unique and undisputed queen of metal music.

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