Cristina Parodi closes The First Time, will return on Bbc1? His statements


Published on May 20, 2019


The television season 2018 – 2019 now coming to an end and with it the many tv programs that have accompanied us for many months from last September to now are closing the doors. Knows Cristina Parodi that just yesterday – may 19, 2019 – has closed the first edition of his unpublished work, people show from the title The First Time.

Among loyal viewers and detractors of the first hour, the program as a " good journalist piedmont will return to the air next September? Or it will be closed after a single edition? To speak in a way that is somewhat indirect, it was the same presenter: here is his statement.

In the course of the last episode of The First Time, Cristina Parodi has left the audience with these words: “Thank you everyone. I I'm not good in goodbyes. And then I want to borrow a phrase of Bob Dylan, which is one of my heroes. In one of his songs says: don't say goodbye because it's a word a little too big, let us good-bye. And then, goodbye everyone!”.

Very cryptic message posted on the social: “It was a long journey that has left me in the stories of the beautiful people and the affection of all of you who have followed me,” wrote Cristina Parodi on Instagram.

Of course, regarding a possible second season for The First Time, there is really very little. What is certain, however, is that the ratings have never been particularly high. Despite being aired for nine months, the program has struggled to reach two million viewers (succeeded 6 times out of 31 episodes).

Having said this, however, should be acknowledged to Cristina Parodi and the production that he has worked on Rai Uno, is managed to pack an entire programme, the costs obviously low, and with the great garbo was able to tell stories of all kinds.

A bet won by half, therefore, which very likely may put you at serious risk for a possible return of this show. And all the more so if we think that in these hours you speak of a genuine renewal of faces for Rai Uno, starting in the next summer season.

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