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Published on Nov 25, 2018


Those who do not know Cristina D'avena, famous since the times in which he participated at the Zecchino d'oro with the Waltz of The Flies? From then on, our heroine has given voice to many jingles of cartoons known by children of all ages. And these abbreviations are so numerous that the same Cristina had thought that the ones included in his previous album were too few, and it is precisely for this reason that only two days ago was published the collection of Cristina D'avena: Duets Forever – All Singing Cristina.

The album contains within it a collection of 16 songs, all rearranged and performed by Cristina D'avena and by many friends, musicians and guests. Below, you can find the full tracklist:

Collections such as this gained very much success among the fans, who, hearing of the new versions of the cartoon that have accompanied them in the course of their life, they can relive and remember the moments in which they listened to those same acronyms on TV all excited and anxiously waiting for the imminent beginning of the new and highly anticipated installment of their preferred cartoons.

However, this can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, the rearrangements reveal the intention of giving a tone more fresh to the songs, which permeates the personality of the guests for the voices and the instruments, and the other fans purists of those same songs may turn up a little’ nose.

Beyond the undoubted charm of a collection of letters which is related to cartoons which is equally related, the one of which we are speaking is, however, an album of music, for which there is another fundamental aspect to take into consideration: the music. The rearrangements are interesting, sometimes daring (as the theme song of Doraemon with the rapper's Shade), but still appreciable, because of the attempt not to reproduce the versions of the songs identical to the originals. Instead, if you know well both the figures that the guest artists, you can see how these versions differ from the original ones, and you will also notice how the individual personalities involved in the process of rearrangement and execution of the pieces trapelino and you make your way through the music.

However, although this type of research is to appreciate, the real problem is the final result: the entries are often not natural, but altered with different filters, including the autotune (think of the Magic of the Record made by the N. A. S. A. with which L-T. Smash change the voice of the Party Posse in the Simpsons, to stay in the theme of cartoons). Moreover, even in the songs played with the band (there are three, The welfare State, The Kolors, and Vibration) you can always listen to a base made with synthesizers, and this choice is clearly predominant in the album, which gives the tracks themselves a sound plasticky and synthetic.

Cristina D'avena: Duets Forever – All Singing Cristina is an album pleasant that reveals the will to propose original versions, and rearranged acronyms classic cartoon interpreted in origin, from our Cristina D'avena. However, in general, is this noticeable, the final result is not the best, because of the choice to give a large space to the music bases and prefabricated filters to the voices, choices, these, that affect the quality of the musical work in its entirety.

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