Cristina Chiabotto in trouble with the irs: says the and download blame it on other people


Published on Nov 29, 2019


The former Miss Italy Cristina Chiabotto is passing anything but a good time. And’ in fact in trouble with the irs, with debts of 2.5 million euros. They are not slow to get his statements on the incident, which has seen the centre of a heated controversy. The Chiabotto has made it known that she trusted the wrong people at the beginning of his career in the entertainment world. In terms of the size of the debt, Cristina Chiabotto has been activated, the process called “save-suicide“. It is a measure that aims to protect entrepreneurs who are in difficulty, just to avoid extreme gestures. In an interview with Ansa, the former Miss Italy has spoken, explaining his situation. Let's find out what he said.

Cristina Chiabotto, in an interview with Ansa, he wanted to explain calmly his situation and his debt of 2.5 million euros with the tax authorities. It has, therefore, done to know of having been “entrusted to the professionals wrong.“ Therefore, everything would start from the age of 19 years, at the beginning of his career, when he had given this charge to some people to take care of the part of the tax. Apparently, however, such professionals would not have done their job well, bringing Chiabotto in the situation where it is today.

With regard to the procedure “save-suicide”, turned on in his case, Cristina Chiabotto has said that it is the only “legal instrument was” to do what she considers “right and proper“. The former Miss Italy and want to “pay for, as all the sums due“. Therefore, the Chiabotto said: “it only remains for me to wait for the outcome of the procedure with the serenity of one who has a conscience“.

In short, the show girl, in trouble with the taxman, seems to have all the intentions to pay what he owes. He has no intention of evading his duty, but what he wants is to be respected as a valid principle for everyone“, which is what “the amount of the fees is based on what is actually earned“.

Finally, Cristina Chiabotto wants to make known that it has not evaded taxes, but that his problems with the tax authorities depend on the other. In the decree, in fact, speaks of “behavior elusive non-fraudulent“. Therefore, no judge has charged the former Miss Italy of the faults.

It is certainly a difficult situation that will bring Chiabotto to sell two of its properties to heal part of the debt due. Will also have to pay 9 thousand euro in the year to the irs.

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