Cristina Buccino along with Iannone? Unexpected answer of the influencer


Published on May 12, 2020


Finally, Cristina Buccino, 34 years old, clarified the issue of the alleged relationship with Andrea Iannone. In the last few weeks, in fact, many sources claimed that the infuencer and the motorcycle rider they were a pair. The Buccino has made of it a revelation, completely unexpected.

Cristina Buccino has revealed all during a live Instagram with Vanity Fair. After telling her the issue with Andrea Iannone, the influencer has spoken of the experience to the island Of the Famous.

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“I appioppano a boyfriend a week”, so the Whelk breaks the silence about the alleged relationship with the pilot. After the break-up of Iannone with Giulia De Lellis, who is back together with the ex boyfriend Andrea Damante, everyone thought that the flirting with Cristina Buccino was real.

The truth is that none of the two had ever confirmed anything about the rumors about their relationship. Now, however, Cristina Buccino has spoken out and brought clarity during the direct with Vanity Fair: “In these cases, there is no one to respond I laugh, I laugh. The people says everything I appioppano a boyfriend a week, when I was small, he used to suffer more but now I have slips at me.” A report refuting all of the effects. The rumors about the alleged relationship between Cristian Buccino and Andrea Iannone were therefore silenced.

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During the live Instagram with Vanity Fair, the Lords then spoke on the experience to The Island of the Famous. In 2015, the influencer participated in the reality show and has never hidden that it was an experience difficult to deal with. Cristina, however, this time is the entry in more detail. “I came, overjoyed but unaware then after I understood that it was extremely tough. The Island has taught me so much including to reflect on what we have.”

But it was not just an experience of reflection, on the contrary, he left some sign. “However, it is an experience that I had scars and sun-damaged skin,” says Cristina Buccino. The influencer has also added that there are employed 7 months to recover from The Island of the Famous.

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