Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus: EA Sports forced to change the cover of Fifa 19?


Published on Jul 14, 2018


The news that has made the joy of all the juventus fans, and many football fans, has become quite a headache for Electronic Arts, the production house of video games, the developer of the FIFA game 19.

In fact, during the last E3, EA has presented an exclusive video game of the football season 2018/2019. In addition to the acquisition of rights for the exploitation of the trademark Champions League, the title had highlighted the face image of Cristiano Ronaldo with the shirt of Real Madrid (as you can see below).

Now, the change of uniforms of the american has created not a few problems to Electronic Arts, which, after the announcement of the Juventus F. C. of the purchase of Ronaldo, has posted on Twitter an ironic phrase in which he says:”Where you buy the jersey of Juventus?”

Where to buy Juventus Jersey

— Electronic Arts (@EA) July 10, 2018

Yes, because EA Sports will now have to completely change your promotional campaign, and has not yet been made known if the face symbol on the covers of FIFA 19 will still be that of Cristiano Ronaldo (this time with the jazz (Juventus), or if you virerà to another player.

The fact is that the problems do not end here. In fact, to be a result will also be the mode, “Trip”, within which is built a real adventure football, and narratively well-structured, and within which Cristiano Ronaldo is placed in the Real Madrid.

Will the EA Sports a run for cover before the release of the video game, scheduled for the end of September?

Recall that a similar problem he experienced last year also the other title) football of the tip of the videogame market, or PES 2018. In fact, Konami had chosen the brazilian Neymar as the face symbol of the game, but the transition of the football player from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain created many problems to the home of japanese production, which had already printed the covers with the brazilian in the tunic of the Spanish club. For this reason, Konami decided to completely remove the brazilian from the advertising campaign.

In short, the summer transfer offers joys and sorrows, not only to the fans, but also to the production houses in video games.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus: EA Sports forced to change the cover of Fifa 19? is




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