Cristel Carrisi is a very sweet dedication to mom, Romina and shows an unusual bump


Published on May 10, 2020


Cristel, the daughter of Al Bano and Romina does not like to show himself much in the spotlight, especially since becoming a mom. We've never seen, if not in some of the shots stolen, along with the small, the first-born son, Kay, and we did not even ever seen on the side of the second arrived. But today, on the occasion of mother's day has wished to make special greetings to his mother Romina and show us even one shot of the unpublished of her pregnancy, with the big belly.

Today Cristel is a young mother very happy, with two children to raise and a very close link with his family and land of origin, that Cellino San Marco, where we took refuge as soon as he can. And today, on the day of the feast of the mother, from Cristel comes with a special dedication for mother Romina, which among other things will be today's guest of Mara Venier a Sunday and could be in for a surprise who knows! The last time Romina gave us a second chance to make a historic, with the midwife that gave birth to his children, may surprise us even today!

Here are the sweet words posted by Cristel on social for mother Romina:

Tell her that you love and that you are missing. Thank it for having brought into the world, and for all the time you dedicated.

Even if you feel every day, or if you are not in a good relationship, if there is more, or if you think that is a foregone conclusion and already know that. You tell him anyway.

I love you mommy ❤️ and thank you 💐

It's really true, as we are reminded by Cristel, we must always take advantage of the time that we have to say special words to our mom as well as all the special people that are part of our life.

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