Crisis on Infinite Earths: new poster, there will be the Aquaman of Smallville


Published on Nov 26, 2019


Never the less the arrival of the first episode, with Supergirl, the maxi-crossover of the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths: to increase the enthusiasm of the fans, The CW has released a new poster.

Those who do not take part in the crossover, but would have liked to be there, is Alan Ritchson, who is currently with the series of DC Universe Titans in the role of Hank Hall / Hawk. The actor would have wanted to take up the role of Aquaman, the hero played in Smallville.

“They contacted me and we tried to do it. I really wanted to do it, but the shots were too demanding and incompatible with my commitments. We have, however, tried it, and I'm glad that they return a lot of the actors and characters, I'm happy for the fans because everything that we do is for them.

This type of events are a godsend for all the viewers, I really wanted to take part in all of this,” the words of the actor in a recent interview with Collider.

While a star player in the DC Universe miss, an actress who soon will be performing on the streaming service will make its debut in the crossover: as reported by Business Insider, Stargirl will be present and will be briefly presented its role in the larger universe, a live-action DC Comics”.

Subsequently, the series stand-alone that will be the protagonist will be televised on The CW and, at the same time, DC Universe (the platform for which it was originally produced).

After this last addition, it is clear that The CW wants to reach the Arrowverse to the other television series DC, given the presence in the crossover of Black Lightning (always the network, but at the moment outside of the Arrowverse) and Lucifer, with the desire perhaps to create a great and unique universe, a shared tv DC.

Among the special appearances that Tom Welling in the role of Superman, a role that will start after Smallville as well as Erica Durance, ready to play the role of Lois Lane.

Kevin Conroy will, instead, finally, even the face to Batman in the maxi-crossover: in view of the other appearances (Burt Ward, who played Robin in the TV series of the ’60s Batman and Brandon Routh, as both Ray Palmer is Superman, 13 years after its interpretation as Clark Kent in Superman Returns)

Realizes Chau, known for the role of Kevin Tran in another series The CW, Supernatural, instead it was chosen to play Ryan Choi. The character is described as a “professor of physics at Ivy Tow University,” where the apparently normal life changes dramatically when “turns out to have a key role to play” in the next crisis.

The description recalls the comics history of Choi, created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, and the fifth character to assume the role of Atom. Given the departure of Brandon Routh to the Legends of Tomorrow (will leave the series in the mid-fifth season) will be interesting to see if Choi will take his place as the Atom in the Legends.

Crisis on Infinite Earths promises to be an event never seen before in the universe shared The CW/DC, and in view of the importance it may bring major consequences outside the course of the event, in particular to Oliver Queen (with Arrow that is going to end with the eighth season but also, for example, for the future of Barry Allen (as you can read here).

These are the dates of the crossover:

Crisis on Infinite Earths: new poster, there will be the Aquaman of Smallville is




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