Crisis on Infinite Earths: Lucifer is in the Arrowverse


Published on Dec 12, 2019


WARNING: the following contains SPOILERS of the Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3!

The world in which has been set in the series has been officially designated as Earth-666. Though based on a long series of comics published by the label for adults Vertigo Comics, DC Comics, there was some doubt about the fact that Lucifer could or could not take part in the much-anticipated event crossover.

Early rumors suggested that the actor Tom Ellis had been seen on the set in which the Crisis on Infinite Earths was filmed in Vancouver, but Ellis has denied to be part of the event. But one of the titles of Lucifer is the Prince of Lies, and it now appears that Ellis has been at the height of the reputation of his character!

The lie of Ellis is understandable, however, if we consider that the reasons for which Lucifer was taken to the Crisis on Infinite Earths would have ruined too much of the main story if his presence had been announced previously.

The first part of Crisis on Infinite Earths has seen Oliver Queen sacrifice to allow more people to escape from the Earth-38. This led his friends to look for a grave of Lazarus for resuscitarlo in the second part.

While they managed to recover the body of Oliver Queen, only a magical ritual could restore his soul, but the interference of all the antimatter that was pouring in the universe has resulted in the fact that John Constantine was unable to complete the spell.

Fortunately, as usual, Constantine knew someone who owed him a favor, and Lucifer. This has immediately confirmed that Lucifer – yet another television program, DC – exist in the Arrowverse.

The season 6 of the Flash, episode 9, Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3 saw Constantine traveling to Los Angeles on Earth-666 together with the best friend of Oliver, John Diggle, and his daughter, My Smoak.

It was here that he faced Lucifer outside a night club by the familiar look and told him that he would be asked a favor. After having used his powers to convince My to confess the deepest desire of his heart (“I want to get my father“), Lucifer agreed to help because he had still something to Constantine for previous accidents involving Mazikeen.

To this end, he gave John a card of the tarot of the Devil that could be used to open a portal in the part of Purgatory where he had gone, the soul of Oliver Queen when he died.

The scene is short, but fun, and is sure to appeal to those fans who were hoping for a crossover between Lucifer and Constantine. There is even a joke for the readers of the comic, in which Lucifer annoys intentionally Constantine pronouncing her last name “constanţa-unwillingly-Tyne” rather than “constanţa-unwillingly-Teen”.

The joke refers to the fact that while in the series of the Arrowverse John that uses the pronunciation “Constant-Teen”, old version of the comic book Hellblazer to pronounce her last name “constanţa-unwillingly-Tyne”.

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