Crater: Shawn Levy in talks to direct the “Stand By Me” of the moon?

Published on Nov 09, 2017

Shawn Levy is in talks to direct Crater, a sci-fi film set on the Moon, wink wink to the Stand By Me 1986

The producer and director of Stranger Things, Shawn Levy, would at this time in negotiations with Fox to direct a new sci-fi film whose name is Crater.

According to what reported by Variety, the film will be a sort of "Stand By Me" – Memories of a summer (the cult film of the 1986 Rob Reiner), set in a lunar colony.

Here is the first official information disseminated on the screenplay of the film, written by John J. Griffin:

After the death of his father, a boy who grew up in a mining colony moon embarks on a journey with her four friends to explore a mysterious crater, before being transferred to another planet.

After the experience I had with the kids of Stranger Things, the name Shawn levy seems to be actually the most suitable to bring the project to the big screen and, who knows, maybe we will find some young actor of the TV series on Netflix.

Executive producer of the film will be the expert of special effects, Rpin Suwannath, a veteran of the CGI that has already worked on numerous projects triple-A as the saga of the X-Men.

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