Craig Federighi on the new government proposals: "to weaken the security of iOS doesn't make sense, it would be a terrible error"


Published on Mar 27, 2018


The officers of the forces of order are taking into account some of the proposals that would result in technology companies to insert backdoors in their operating systems. The reason is very simple, such a backdoor would, in fact, the investigative agencies access to the smartphone and tablet to gather information regarding a crime, even if protected with a password.

It is a topic at the center of a heated debate that started after 2016, in particular after the dispute between Apple and FBI. The latter churches, in fact, the company from Cupertino to realize a particular version of iOS that would allow access to the smartphone (an iPhone 5c) terrorist Syed Farook, author of the massacre of San Bernardino. A request is not accepted, however, by Apple, as such software could endanger potentially the privacy of all iOS users.

In response to this new indiscretion, Craig Federighi of Apple gave an interview to The New York Times. The Software Engineering Chief of the colossus tech, he underlined that the weakening in this way the security measures of iOS devices it would be a terrible error:

The proposals include the provision of the key to access the data stored on the device, except for users would entail dangers and would weaken the security of the products. Weaken the security is of no sense when you keep in mind that users rely on our products to keep safe their information, to carry out its business and even managing critical infrastructures such as energy systems and transport.

Apple has constantly brought forth the concept of the need to enhance the security measures of the devices to stay always a step forward for hackers and attackers. During the dispute with the center of the iPhone 5c to Farook, the company from Cupertino has refused to insert a backdoor in the device for a tool of this kind might fall (even) in the hands of members external to the government of the united states.

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