Craig Federighi explains future of the porting of the iOS app on Mac


Published on Jun 05, 2018


The manager of the Apple software, Craig Federighi, has responded with a huge NO to the question whether the company was working with the merger of iOS and macOS. However, he explained that Apple is in the midst of a multi-year project to bring the app UIKit iOS on its desktop platform, and today has clarified this concept in an interview with Wired.

Federighi said that the point is not to create a single operating system and unified, but the fact that Apple has openly spoken of an initiative that could arrive in a year and that is a clear mention about how the company perceives the future of the app.

For now, the beta version of macOS Mojave has been released with four app that was previously available only on iOS: Apple News, Stock market, voice Memos and Home. In addition, the new Mac App Store has been redesigned to be very similar to its counterpart iOS.

As far as what developers can expect in the future, it all depends on when UIKit will be released on the Mac in order to then start the porting of apps from iOS to macOS. Here are the words of Federighi:

For those who create apps, some aspects of the porting of the app will be automated and others may require additional encoding. Using Xcode, a developer will be able to indicate that you want to write a variant of its iOS app for macOS. Some changes to the user interfaces of interaction will occur automatically, how to convert a long pressure on iOS in one-click with two fingers on a Mac. Developers may have to write extra code, however, on things like menus and sidebars in the app, such as, for example, creating a sidebar of the application on the Mac translucent or creating sharing buttons as part of the toolbar.

Federighi pointed out that, even with these changes, the Mac and iOS device are still unique and separate: “it Is still the macOS, you still have the terminal, you can still connect up to four monitors, you can still plug external units“.

Speaking of porting practical, the director of the Apple has cited the popular Fortnite as an example of excellent work.

To the question on how different the architectures of the processors may affect the iOS app running on macOS, Federighi said, which will not be a big problem: “At this level, it will not affect so much. In many of our core API, such as Metal, we have done the hard work over the years to get them to work well on both the Mac and on iOS”.

Wired has also requested information on the possibility in the future to see a Mac with a touchscreen, but Federighi reiterated Apple's position according to which these screens are not suitable for laptop and desktop.

There are of course many other details that Apple has yet to share on UIKit for the Mac, but the road is now open.

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