Cover Infostrada Fiber and ADSL: how to verify it

Published on Jul 23, 2017

I have liked the offerings Infostrada ADSL and Fiber so as to have decided to change operator? Well, but before signing a contract you need to to check the coverage Infostrada Fiber and ADSL in your area! Check the coverage Infostrada is simple, get only a PC or a tablet from which to run the procedure and let's begin!

Check the coverage Infostrada from the official website or through the box below, in which all you have to do is insert the place of residence and then click on “check“:

By clicking you will be taken to a page where you are shown all the available offers at the moment for that municipality. Make sure that they also offers Infostrada so be sure of the presence of cover.

Also from the side menu you can refine the search to verify the coverage for Fiber-optic cable, much faster than the normal ADSL. If in your area there is coverage Infostrada Fiber, or ADSL, then you can take a look at their current offers:

For more information on the offers Infostrada, how to do and what to look out for, take a look at our dedicated guide:

To precisely control the coverage of Infostrada on the address of your home, go on the official website (click on the red writing to go to the website).


On this page, to the side, entered all the required information and click on “Check Availability“. If you are an existing customer Infostrada instead, you can simply enter your phone number by clicking on “I already have a number“:



After a few seconds, Infostrada will tell you if you are reached by ADSL or Fiber and, in both cases, they will advise you then the dedicated offers and the maximum speed of your connection.

Enel Open Fiber is a project by which Enel be rented to various operators its Fiber-optic network. Between the various operators, there is also Infostrada (Wind Three), and it is possible that your city is reached by an Open Fiber.

To check this, go to the official website and the list on the left choose your city. Then enter your address and check the available operators (Wind, Three in this case) to verify the coverage.

If you have got a coverage Infostrada with ADSL technology, you must know that it is ADSL Wholesale services (or out-of-office), where they are based on the telephone line (Telecom Italia) and the equipment already present.

In this case, you can achieve a maximum connection speed of around 20 Megabits. If you want a higher speed, therefore, you will need to be achieved by the optical Fiber.

There are two ways to obtain a connection technology Fiber Optics: mode FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home)

In FTTC, the Fiber optic comes up to the cab closest to you, and gives you a connection speed of 100 Megabits. In FTTH instead, the Fiber arrives at your home, and you can sail at a speed of 1 Gigabit (thanks to the Open Fiber)!

You have changed your operator, or your Internet is slow? Do a speed test to know at which speed you're browsing!

Here below there are some useful guides in order to make a connection test as the most reliable way to see if your speed of contract has been complied with.

Well, it's really all about: if you have any questions or you want to tell us about your experience please feel free to leave a comment below!

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