Cover for iPhone X: here are three solutions marked Shieldon


Published on Mar 23, 2018


Let's go back to talk about the latest Apple iPhone and its enclosures. We have had the opportunity to test three different cover for iPhone X made from Shieldon. Just take a look below.

Three cases that cover three different needs. The prices are not exaggerated and the covers are all of good quality, we then begin to discover them.

This is the cover more durable and protective that we have tested and allows users to take full advantage of the iPhone while keeping it protected from bumps and falls.

The cover is very linear, with the brand engraved on the back and a good cleaning of the lines. Good protection in the corners and on the edges as well as soft and pleasant in the lining of the side buttons that are not at all hard to press.

The cover is made of TPU material, flexible but strong and therefore offers good protection, whilst leaving free the Lightning connector on the bottom for charging and syncing.

We found good, we found the black color is very elegant and satisfying the protection offered. It should be noted that the cover makes it a bit heavier and bigger than the iPhone X but it is a compromise to accept.

This cover is available on Amazon in five different colours at a price that varies from 9,99€ 12,99€ based on the color of your choice.

This cover is the most expensive of the three tested, as well as the more premium and “business-oriented”. This is a case that closes the book so as to protect the iPhone on the screen and provide a stylish integrated stand.

The case is made of genuine leather with TPU. This combination ensures elegance, an aesthetic presence and a good protection from bumps and falls.

Inside, there are also three slots for cards and tiles, the various in addition a fold that helps us to position the case as a stand to be able to appreciate some of the content horizontally on the display.

The port Lightning remains free from every impediment, as well as the camera. The buttons are covered but a soft material so they remain fully accessible.

The case in question, although with the limits of practicality in movement due to the locking book in, it is pleasant and satisfying. Excellent the touch and feel of the skin. Find it on Amazon at a price of 34,99€ in four different colours to choose from.

This is the third case, the most suitable for young people and the more nice considering the colors available. This is a cover that integrates a part of TPU for the edges, and therefore protected by this bumper, and a part in transparent polycarbonate on the back that allows us to appreciate the design of the new Apple iPhone.

Let's talk about a cover that ensures a good protection thanks to the combination of edges + the back and that also provides a pleasant experience to touch and sight.

Free the camera so as to free the Lightning connector and protected the buttons, always from a soft material which makes it easy to use.

This case is available on Amazon at the price of 14,99€ in four different colours.

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