Costatino Della Gherardesca Open and Vinci is his new quiz for Rai2


Published on Jan 05, 2019


In spite of the great chaos that is being recorded in the direction of Rai due, Costantino Della Gherardesca can be said to have among the hands a new tv program: it's called Open, and Vinci and will be aired from the 7th of January at 16:45 (shortly after Said and Done Bianca Guaccero). The program is a quiz, where to participate are common for Italian families. But this time the front stage of the transmission will not be a study by the thousand lights, the conductor will enter in the homes of the italians, and to propose his questions in their living rooms. Prizes cash prizes of up to € 2,500.

To reveal a preview of the full rules of this new television quiz was the Blog on Italian Tv last December 20: the quiz will be composed of a maximum of ten questions and the competitors have only one fault, if they commit the second error, the competitors in the game will be deleted and you will be able to bag a consolation prize of 50 Euro.

In groups of three / four, the questions will become more and more difficult, and – exactly to question number six – the contestants need to answer an unusual question regarding the decor of their own home. Each question will allow the competitors to earn money: money that can be used to purchase the tenth and final question, the “question pig”, from the value of € 2,500.

The competitors will have to rely on all their knowledge... but not only in the cultural field. Eh, yes, because they will have a wildcard: will ring the bell at the home of an acquaintance or a neighbor with whom to discuss and try to give the exact answer.

Open and Win it will be a daily appointment: in addition to go on air from Monday to Friday afternoon at 16:45 on Rai due, will be broadcast on the same network, even on a Sunday evening at 20:00.

The quiz – which in practice is not so innovative in view of the presence of a show that is very similar on An Italian – serves as an entertainment interesting and will try to lighten up the day time of the Second Channel to be always chock-full of tv serial crime such as NCIS and the like.

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