Coronavirus: the publishers will suspend the outputs


Published on Mar 13, 2020


The serious health emergency that is sweeping our Country has not even spared libraries and comics stores, all the stores are, in fact, been forced to close as a measure of prevention of the infection.

In this time of national crisis, the vast majority of publishing houses has, therefore, preferred to suspend the outputs planned for the second half of the month of march, rimandandole to date.

The biggest news is certainly the release of the highly anticipated launch of the tested DC by Panini Comics, which in theory should slip at the beginning of June, i.e. two months later than initially planned. The waiting, as we all well know it is already hard for her and I am sure that this forced quarantine is making it even worse, however, think about it, that the launch would be with all the comics stores closed?

In the circumstances, is a bit chaotic, we wanted to collect for you the announcements of all the publishers to take stock of the situation, so as to offer a single point of reference in the constantly updated for any future communication on the part of the publishers themselves. Without further ado, and with the hope that everything get back to normal as soon as possible, then I leave you to the list official releases:

Panini Comics


“The recent measures taken by the government that have led to the temporary closure of many businesses, including libraries and comics stores, have made it indispensable on our part to a revision of the exit plan of our publications, in order to support and protect the specialty shops, and at the same time ensuring that in this difficult time a service to your readers.

The series regular newsstand will continue the original program outputs and will then be sold both on newsstands and on, but will also be available in the online shop of comics who want to receive them.

Publications to comics stores, and libraries will not be distributed and will not be available even from the publisher's website or on the various marketplace. We will do direct sales on was only after the reopening of points of sale specialized. Inevitably, this suspension will produce some delays and slippages, which we will as soon as possible to define and to communicate to you in a timely manner.

As regards the output of the roll and DC Rolls, it was decided to postpone the launch at the beginning of June, contrary to what was announced in the past few weeks. This important launch is the result of a great job planning, but also of a promotional effort on the part of all the stores that participated with enthusiasm to this new project. For these reasons, we prefer to wait until the situation has returned to normal and that the comics and the libraries have resumed regular activities.

We are studying some of the digital initiatives to keep the most possible company with our comics, in a moment so difficult, in this regard we invite you to keep you updated via our channels of official communication.”

Star Comics


“Until the end we hoped to be able to maintain our activities, continuing to circulate new dreams on paper with which to escape mentally from these crazy days. In the end, we have established that the current situation suggests a break, and, therefore, we inform you that the anticipated outputs for the last two weeks of march are postponed to a date to be established.

We know that you would like more specific information about the new dates out, but at this moment it is really impossible to make predictions, and the best thing is to wait, observing the day-to-day evolution of the general situation.

In the meantime, please note that the reading material there is, and it is so: try to rummage a bit’ in the series already published, which you have not yet purchased, maybe you'll discover you are lost of small pearls, and maybe you will also find your new favorite comic book!

We recall, in this regard, that there are many activities that strenuously resist offering a valuable service of home delivery. Our map is in constant updating!”



“Hello everyone! Hope you're well.
Our publishing house has decided to halt the release of the new publications of the trade marks Edizioni BD, Edizioni Dentiblù, J-POP (and Direct) planned for the second half of march.
There seems today to be the best thing to do, to prevent our readers unnecessary risks and respect for all of the libraries and comics stores that are forcibly closed. As soon as it is possible to schedule the policy, we will update the calendar of the outputs and to inform all of you.
We are convinced that our catalogue is available in the meantime at retailers online, contains many readings to discover. In this regard, we are working on these days is to the future outputs of the traditional, both a significant upgrade of our digital catalog: we're certainly not bored! 😅
We will be available to our online retailers to help them and support them, as we will be available to all of our readers on a social network for questions, concerns, and also just to know how you are.

In the meantime, I embrace virtually, and with great affection.”



“Hello to you all. Then, first of all a date: at 15.30 we'll see you in LIVE ON the PAGE FACEBOOK AND ON INSTAGRAM. Do not miss, that we chat.

And now the ANNOUNCEMENT: in view of the exceptional nature of the moment, the difficulties of distribution network and sales, we've decided to put all the anticipated outputs by the end of march.
Then, the outputs of the first volume of BUFFY the vampire slayer in the second volume of OUTER DARKNESS, of the number 6 of the TERMINATOR, the sixth volume of THE WAR STORIES by GARTH ENNIS, of the first volume of SATELLITE SAM, the number 36 of ALIENS and the number 19 of the PREDATOR are all postponed.
We will notify you as soon as possible the new dates for output.
Been in the house, keep hard, and read much, which is good for the mood.
See you later.”


“Until the end of the month, they come out new titles. This is because points of sale are closed. We will update you as soon as we will be given a certain on the precise day of release of the next titles, but for now the dates indicated on our site are considered not true, because the chain of distribution, is not able to comply with them. Stay tuned, things will return to normal, and we will inform you promptly.”

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