Coronavirus: the cast of Ellen DeGeneres is furious, that's why...


Published on Apr 17, 2020


Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an american actress, comedienne, voice actress, and host of the u.s. tv presenter of the talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. In this period of lockdown because of the pandemic coronavirus, Ellen has continued her talk daily show comfortably from his home. This decision has angered his work team which is now “furious” for various reasons.

The cast of the stage of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, composed of about 30 people, has not received any communication on important issues, such as remuneration and hours of work in this somewhat unusual situation. This has been stated by an insider Thursday to Variety.

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To make matters worse, the group is unnerved, even after they learned that he hired a technology company, not auditors, to help you convey on a daily basis from his home in California. In addition, two sources have said that “the heights of production, responding occasionally to the phone calls and revealed a little” of their status.

The members of the team have finally had some news from the leaders of production last week. Was told to expect a huge drop in wages of 60%, even if the show will continue to be broadcast. They added that there are only four of the employees in the main are currently working on the latest version of Ellen.

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Governor @GavinNewsom is working hard to help California. I'm glad I get to chat with him tomorrow.

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During this ‘blackout’ of communication, Ellen has expanded its program from home from four shows a week to five, all filmed in two days at her home. The show usually occupies four days, i.e. 10 hours per week. But on the 10th of April was said to the crew that they would have to expect to be paid for only two days, and eight hours a week.

Employees of Ellen have also added that what was most shocking was the “lack of awareness of staff on the part of the executives of the show during this unprecedented crisis.

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