Coronavirus: Queen Elizabeth in a speech that will make history


Published on Apr 05, 2020


The Queen, speaking this evening, April 5 in the nation in a speech as never rare about the precautionary measures related to the coronavirus, has invited the british to react with pride in this drama, health and economic, to demonstrate that the qualities of self-discipline, good humor, and fellowship characterize this country.”

The Queen has urged the people to consider how future generations will remember and they will admire the response of the british “of this age” for being “so strong”. Elizabeth II was warmly invited to take this discourse from the Government for fear that the subjects might otherwise start to lose hope for the restrictions when the weather gets warmer.

Her Majesty the Queen addressed the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at the Castle of Windsor: “we Should console us that, while we may now have yet much to endure, will return to better days: we'll be back with our friends; we will be back with our families; we reincontreremo.”

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To honor the national health system, Queen Elizabeth has decided, in the past few days, illuminating the Castle of Windsor during the global health crisis caused by the Covid-19. Her Majesty left Buckingham Palace last month and is spending the period of isolation right in the Castle of Windsor.

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Following the outbreak of the pandemic in the United Kingdom also the Queen was transferred to Prince Philip. The second residence of the Queen, has been lit up blue to honour the NHS, the uk national health service. The gesture recognition is happened at the same time the initiative #ClapForOurCarers: a round of applause of all the citizens dedicated to health workers.

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