Coronavirus numbers from the world: it exceeded 90 thousand dead, more than 1 million and a half of contagions


Published on Apr 10, 2020


We say that in Italy, the infected should be at least ten times more than those who end up each day on the bulletin. It depends on the fact that many people are asymptomatic and continue, unfortunately, to bring the coronavirus in the round. A thesis that is true not only for Italy but for the whole world ( even if in many nations, such as Germany, the number of swabs made is so high that it is almost to have a real number of infections). When we say, therefore, that in the world there are at least a million and a half infected, we must also take account of the words of the scientists and imagine that the real number is much much higher.

But back to the official numbers. Since the pandemic began, officially around mid-January, have death in the world, over 90 thousand people. Over a million and a half people are infected. These are the numbers updated April 9, 2020, destined to grow by the hour seeing what is going on in Europe, but particularly in the United States, which at the end of this situation, you will surely be the country to have paid the price most dear.

Italy, meanwhile, is preparing for the end of the lockdown, but not before another 15 days. Phase 2 is about to begin, but it is not yet time to return to “freedom” for which we long.

The british premier was released from the icu. A spokesman for the british premier said: “The prime minister was transferred this evening from the intensive care unit to the ward, where it will be subjected to close monitoring in the initial phase of his recovery” .

In the United Kingdom, exceeded the threshold of 8000 deaths, over 60,000 cases.

Spain has reached the peak of the pandemic and will start from the lunedìil process of easing of the current lockdown. This was underlined by the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez. “We have reached the peak and now begins the de-escalation,” he said in the classroom to the Congress, noting, however, that the return to normality will be “gradual”, and in line with the gravity of the situation. The ministry of Health of Spanish speaking of 683 deaths in the last 24 hours, and the total 15.238 victims ( Italy at the moment has a greater number of deaths). Are 152.446 the total of infected people, with an increase of 5.756 in the last 24 hours, while they are 52.165 people healed.

In New York city in the last 24 hours are the death of 799 people-the highest number since it became a pandemic. The said governor Andrew Cuomo showing the data according to which the virus has killed at New York 4.132 people in six days. The number of deaths in total are 7.067: “September the 11th were 2.753,” he pointed out Cuomo.

The death toll in the United States has exceeded 16 thousand. Deaths from coronavirus are now 16.129, most of Spain, the cases of infection 454.304, according to the data processed by the John Hopkins University.

Sweden, as we all well know, has chosen to follow her model, focusing on the choices of the population and trusting of citizens. But this model, it is understood that the virus will not work, because the contagion comes to the same; in the last two days, a peak of deaths and now the total number of victims is 792. The total number of cases has increased to 9.141 of which 719 in the icu. Different is the case of neighbouring Denmark and Norway that have suffered from the closed borders, schools, and industries to try to implement to the maximum distancing of the social.

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