Coronavirus: Meghan and Harry give the proceeds to the Royal Wedding


Published on Apr 17, 2020


Meghan and Harry: the couple has done a lot of talking about himself in recent times. By the abandonment of the "royal" status at the opening of the charitable foundation Archiewell, up to the many aid that the duke and duchess of Sussex are providing to those who are in difficulties because of the current crisis. Is this Wednesday the news that the couple has decided to donate to the cause other 112,000 dollars, coming from the transmission of their marriage.

The two have decided to donate the amount, equivalent to about 90,000 pounds, Feeding Britain, an association that works to fight hunger within the United Kingdom, and help all the families in difficulty, providing them food and hot meals. The generous donation comes from funds generated by the live broadcast of their marriage, which took place in 2018, from the BBC. As reported by the T&C's at the time had already been decided that all the profits in excess would be donated to a charity chosen by the couple.

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The duke and duchess of Sussex are aware of the availability of these funds during the pandemic Coronavirus, so they decided to donate to an association that is fighting actively to help the people most affected by the health emergency. The decision was taken by the couple after consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who celebrated the royal wedding and who is also the President of Feeding Britain.

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Meghan and Harry have found it appropriate to make a donation to a charity that is sustained and supported by a figure so charismatic. A spokesman of the Dukes of Sussex, has stated that the couple was excited to see that the proceeds of their special day, they were intended in favour “of such a noble cause” .

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