Coronavirus latest news: 14 Italian tourists coming from the lodigiano positive, most of the 20 quarantine


Published on Mar 04, 2020


Could not probably imagine, when I departed from Italy, having taken the coronavirus. But perhaps they would have had to think of it in the later hours, when he arrived in China, reading of what was happening in the region. 14 on the 21 of lodi in India, was placed in quarantine yesterday at a military facility in Delhi; they have a positive test result of COVINd-19: he has said to the press agency France Presse, a source who wanted to maintain the anonymity. The group of tourists was traveling in India from the end of February, together with the two spouses already have the results affected by the virus and put in isolation two days ago at Jaipur.

Clearly, with hindsight, it is easy to tell a story, but it is also true that a healthy self-regulation, perhaps, would have contributed, at least, to contain the contagion. The italians go all over the world such as the transparency, it is, unfortunately, what he's going through in these hours. And the fact that the numbers of cases increase, will not help our country out of this spiacevolissima situation.

According to rumors, among the tourists, all coming from the area defined in red in Italy, there would also be a doctor of Codogno.

As reported by the Loop, which adds details to this news, the times of the checks have been anticipated, exceptionally, thanks to the intervention of the Task Force activated in the earliest hours of the Embassy in close collaboration with the crisis Unit of the foreign and the local authorities.

The news coming from India are clearly evolving and the Task Force is agreeing with the health authorities in the indian the next steps for the care of the sick.
The Italian Embassy, trying to reassure Italian tourists who at the moment are located in India. Will be offered them all the support possible.

In China, along with the new cases of Coronavirus for the third consecutive day, also occurred in the other 38 deaths. The budget is now 2.981 dead, has communicated to the national Commission of Health care, and more than 80.200 people infected. Among the 4 new cases of coronavirus announced in China by the Commission, the national healthcare (Nhc), net of 115 of Hubei province, the epicenter of the epidemic,three are headed to Beijing and one in Ningxia. In the capital, the two are “contagions of return” and are related to the travellers that have arrived from Iran and from Italy.

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