Coronavirus, Kate and William: “pay attention to your mental health”


Published on Apr 17, 2020


The lockdown because of Coronaviruses for many people is stressful, for this Prince William and his wife have decided to raise awareness among british citizens and not only on the importance of care for mental health and to ensure that everyone has easy access to the services of psychological support. In the interview for the BBC, William pointed out also how often the health care staff you find yourself having to handle the pain and loneliness of patients suffering from Covid-19.

The royal couple spoke of the state of mind in which many people are finding the cause of the lockdown, characterized by anxiety, frustration and solitude and, while it has been taken into account the physical well-being of individuals, giving them the opportunity to get out of the house for a bit of sport, has not been paid any attention to the psychological well-being, equally important. Kate has in fact said: “What is extremely important is to not forget about your psychological wellbeing, as well as make sure to stay in touch with the people we care for, even if over the phone, or online, to have conversations.”

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The royal couple has decided to open up during the interview for the BBC, even on their personal experiences in quarantine. William has confessed he was very agitated when his father, Carlo, is the result positive for the Coronavirus, because it fit perfectly in the profile of people exposed to a greater risk of complications. He also stated that he was very worried for the grandparents, of the age somewhat advanced. Kate has spoken of the ups and downs of the family, especially the difficulty of managing the lessons from the house of the three children.

Kate and William have confirmed to keep in touch with their loved ones via video calls: “it Gets a little hectic, I have to admit that with a child of two years, you need to remove the phone,” said the duchess of Cambridge – “it Is quite difficult for all of them to say the right thing at the right time without pressing the wrong buttons. But it is fantastic and nice to keep in touch with everyone.”

The royal couple, which has shown a great sensitivity during this emergency, and a sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the NHS, therefore wanted to emphasize how we are all in the same boat in this condition and that it is normal to need help to deal with psychologically quarantine, for this is important to give a hand to all those who request it.

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