Coronavirus: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, other 250 thousand € donation


Published on Mar 14, 2020


Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, after you have collected 3.8 Million, with a collected online funds destined to the creation of new beds within the intensive care unit of the Hospital San Raffaele of Milan, will get a further donation of 250,000 thousand euro, from part of platform for personal fundraising, for various hospitals in Italy. the platform, born in the United States in 2010 and launched in Italy in 2018, in the full philosophy of the Givesback (returning to the countryside in the most deserving students who want to change the world) announces that it will donate 250 thousand euro in the next few hours, thus forgoing a percentage of their revenues, some of the collected funds which were launched on the site, having already donated 10 thousand euros to “Strengthen the intensive care unit” launched by Chiara Ferragni and Fedez to the hospital San Raffaele of Milan.

As proposed by Clare and Fedez, 70.000 euros each, will be donated to the general hospital of Milan, Hospital of Cremona, and Bergamo. Other donations from 10,000 euros will go to the hospitals Cotugno of Naples, to the Niguarda of Milan, Spallanzani of Rome and to the civil Protection.

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Chiara Ferragni, wearing a mask wrote on Instagram: “This is to fully explain the situation to all my followers, and foreign (70% of my 18.7 million) who clearly do not understand the situation here in Italy at the moment: it's bad. We have more than 10,000 cases, more than 600 dead and more than 5000 people in the hospitals in poor conditions. Hospitals are not ready for all of these cases, and doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to help the greatest possible number, but if the number of sick does not slow down, will have to start to choose the patients as they are young and the odds of survival should have.”

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Still continues Ferragni: “Fedez and I have started a crowdfunding Monday to help a hospital in Milan, and I have received more than 3,6 million € offers and so many other people have started to collect for other hospitals, but there is still much to do. The state has decided to BLOCK ALL THE ITALIANS in their homes until April 3, to prevent the virus spreading further and to avoid the collapse of the entire system and of the hospitals. We all live in the quarantine at this time, as some chinese cities have done the last month. So please, start to be aware of it and understand that this is not a common flu and is a lot more dangerous for all of us.”

The campaign “Strengthening the intensive care unit” is activated on GoFundMe by Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, is the largest fundraiser on GoFundMe launched in Europe, as well as among the seven most important campaigns of the world on GoFundMe since 2010. We have registered more than 191.000 donors from 92 countries of the world, and the campaign has had 20 times more traffic than any other fundraising on the platform.

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From march 9th to today, were launched on the platform of personal fundraising, hundreds of collected funds for the support of the Italian hospitals in this delicate phase of an emergency due to the Covid19. The most important are grouped in the page “Together against the coronavirus”.

“GoFundMe has an important role within this emergency in order to ensure that the funds go in support of intensive therapies of all Italy, " explains Elisa Liberatori Finocchiaro, Head of GoFundMe for Southern Europe, We are working 24 hours on 24 as a always to validate, certify, and ensure the collected funds. We also want to raise, through the program, Givesback, our commitment, and for this we have provided this generous donation”.

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