Coronavirus bulletin April 30, 2020, today's latest press conference live: -3106 people who are currently positive, 285 dead


Published on Apr 30, 2020


Come today by the civil protection of Rome the latest news related to the situation in Italy in the emergency coronavirus. As usual, on the day of Thursday, we live to the press conference from Rome with the head of the civil protection banoo that communicates the latest news in the bulletin of April 30, 2020.

Today there is important news regarding the press conference by the civil protection. Today, in fact, will be the last press conference live from Rome.

The head of the civil protection is then a short history of everything that has happened in the last two months and that the civil protection has been working since the first day of the emergency. A thank you to those who have done everything possible in this emergency; by Borrelli and also a heartfelt thanks to Germany, which has housed patients of the Lombardy region. A thanks also to all the other countries of Europe and the world for the support arrived.

A big thanks then also to the italians and to all those who have donated during these months.

“I embrace all the families of the victims, hug our doctors embrace our nurses, embrace our health workers, ” said Borrelli. A thank you from her also to the ministers and to the President of the Council.

Thanks also to the journalists and those who have given in recent months information as to all italians. Also thanks to Rai, which has allowed its signal to the other networks.

Let's start with an important fact, that of the victims. Today you descend again below the three hundred, a fundamental fact. In the last 24 hours are recorded 285 new dead (yesterday was 323). At this point, the total of victims in Italy has come to share 27.967. They are still too many, it is clear, but the fall gives us hope that soon this nightmare will really end up.

Today, there are -3.106 people who are currently positive. And’ the most high that when the emergency came. The figure brings down the total of currently infected with the virus to 101.551 (yesterday they were 104.657). Overall, the total cases of people affected by the Covid-19 from the beginning of the monitoring of the epidemic came to share 205.463, with an increase of 1872 in a day (yesterday, the increase was of +2.086 ). As for the pads, they were made 68.456 in 24 hours (yesterday the figure was of 57.272 swabs, made in a day), the total of the pads has arrived to share 1.979.217, and the related cases tested, are now 1.354.901.

Chapter healed, in the last 24 hours are 4.693 patients (yesterday the figure was 2.317 people who were negative to the pad), for a total of 75.945 patients healed. It confirms the general decline of the patients: the patients in hospital are at the moment 18.149 (yesterday they were 19.210), of which 1.694 in the icu (yesterday they were 1.795). The people in isolation in the home are 81.708 (yesterday they were 83.504).

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