Coronavirus bulletin April 21, 2020: continue to decrease the number of people currently positive ,rise, unfortunately, the victims


Published on Apr 21, 2020


Even today the bulletin is the daily with all the latest data about what is the current situation in Italy after the emergency coronavirus. While the Count in the classroom illustrates what the Government is doing, and will do in the next few hours, with the action to restart, and with all the manoeuvres to help the italians, and the data arrives. No press conference but only the bulletin of 21 April 2020. Please note that in the press conference of 18 will be held only on Monday and Thursday. This morning, instead, always from the room of the civil protection of Rome, to make the point about the situation was the commissioner Arcuri, who has illustrated some of the news about what you are doing in view of phase 2.

But back to the numbers today. The Italian situation, as is well understood by the latest bulletins, depends in general very much on what happens in the regions of the North, the hardest-hit areas, particularly Piedmont and Lombardy. The situation in general is not worrying, in fact, the numbers tend to go down but we are far from the decrease of infection that you thought would come with a lockdown of two months.

In general, however, the latest bulletin released by the civil Protection marks a decline decided in patients currently positive and gives us hope. If yesterday this figure was lowered to 20 units, with the data now falls to 528 units. Unfortunately, however, the number of people cut off by the virus are on the rise again.

The total number of people who currently are positive for the Coronavirus is passed in fact, from 108.237 to 107.709. To climb is the number of the victims, if yesterday was 454, now it is 534. The total number of people who have died in Italy due to the Covid-19 gets to the 24.648.

The total cases of the epidemic have arrived instead to 183.957, + 2.729 compared to yesterday, when they were increased of 2,256 units. The latest data comes to one of the pads that are close to odds of 1.5 million. In fact, the pads made were 1.450.150, 52.126 more than yesterday.

Today the people healed are 51.600, in the last 24 hours, then are cured 2.723 patients. The majority of patients at the moment are 24.134, those in the icu 2.471, 150 less than yesterday. The people in isolation to the home, instead they are 81.104.

We see the data region to region, one cannot fail to notice the strong increase of the Piedmont is the only region to continue to grow each and every day without slowing down.

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