Coronavirus bulletin April 18, 2020: +809 currently positive compared to yesterday, 482 deaths


Published on Apr 18, 2020


Only numbers and data today with the bulletin of 18 April 2020. It was announced yesterday the head of the civil protection Angel Borrelli: the emergency situation in Italy, you can say concluded, at least for what regards the hospital admissions, and situations that are difficult to manage for physicians and health care providers. For this, in view of step 2, the forces calibreranno in a different way, and the point by the civil protection of Rome will be done only twice a week, Monday and Thursday. The numbers, which show a constant decline, unfortunately, however, much slower than what is perhaps expected, are still those of a situation not to be underestimated.

Let's see in detail the numbers of today with the newsletter spread, however, around 18 by the civil protection in the press and on the official website.

With 482 victims in the last 24 hours for the Coronavirus, the total number of dead has risen to 23.227 (yesterday they were 22.745, and the victims in 24 hours and were in the 575). The national numbers depend a lot on numbers of Lombardia. And when in the region led by the Fountain, decrease deaths, decrease in the rest of Italy, demonstrating that, even today, is in that region, unfortunately, there are many sick people in serious condition.

According to the latest bulletin released by the civil Protection, the increase in the number of people who are currently positive is 809 (yesterday was 355), for a total of 107.771 (yesterday they were 106.962). Were made 61.725 pads in 24 hours, yesterday the tests made in one day were 65.705, the total test tap today share 1.305.833. The total cases of infection from the beginning of the monitoring of the epidemic are now 175.925, with an increase of 3.491 in a day (yesterday they were 172.434 and the increase compared to the previous 24 hours had been 3.493).

Patients discharged to date, a total 44.927, with 2,200 people have been discharged in the last 24 hours (yesterday they were +2.563). Those admitted to hospitals with symptoms are 25.007 (-779 since yesterday when they were 25.786). Cala the number of people in the icu: are 2.733 (-79 compared to yesterday when they were 2.812). Increase 80.031 people in isolation at home, against the 78.364 yesterday.

Yesterday in a press conference with Angel Borrelli and professor Locatelli, who had also tried to understand why even today many people remain in isolation as hospitals have to accept patients; remaining in the house often plague other relatives, and up to now, the outbreak appears to just be a family. The head of the civil protection had said that we tried from the beginning to give a different accommodation to those who could not get in isolation in his home. And that you will do so again in the coming weeks.

Here is the data region to region

From the website of the civil protection, and the graph that shows the variation of the new positive

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