Coronavirus bulletin, April 17, 2020: 575 victims in 24 hours. From tomorrow suspended the conference daily, only twice a week


Published on Apr 17, 2020


Here is a bulletin from Rome with the latest news on the emergency coronavirus in Italy. With a novelty compared to the usual: tomorrow, there will be daily but there will only be two press conferences to give updates to 18. Every day on the website of the civil protection will still be provided with all the data with the updates from all the regions of Italy. The data now tell us that unfortunately, the number of people dying from coronavirus in Italy lowers. But you can lower the infections. And also lowers the number of patients admitted to hospital.

575 victims in the last 24 hours death from Coronavirus; the total number of dead has risen to 22.745 (yesterday they were 22.170, and the victims within 24 hours had been 525). The increase in the number of people who are currently positive is 355 (yesterday they were 1.189), for a total of 106.962 (yesterday they were 106.607). Were made 65.705 pads in 24 hours: +4.706 compared to yesterday when testing in a day were 60.999, the total test tap today share 1.244.108 The total cases of infection from the beginning of the monitoring of the epidemic are now 172.434, with an increase of 3.493 in a day (yesterday they were 168.941 and the increase compared to the previous 24 hours had been 3.786).

Patients discharged are in total 42.727, with 2.563 people discharged in the last 24 hours (yesterday they were +2.072). Those admitted to hospitals with symptoms are 25.786 (-1.107 from yesterday when they were 26.893). Cala the number of people in the icu: are 2.812 (-124 compared to yesterday when they were 2.936). Increase 78.364 people in isolation at home, against the 76.778 yesterday.

“It is lightened the pressure in the hospital. All this makes us aware of how it worked,” said Borrelli, who announces that from today there will be no more press conferences, daily. The Monday and Thursday there will be the point of printing to the emergency coronavirus. Every day, however there will be updates on the website of the civil Protection. Also is confirmed in the press conference at 12 Friday, of the Institute of Health. The other two press conferences, always in the morning from the commissioner Arcudi.

For Locatelli, today at a press conference with Borrelli there is no doubt of the fact that the measures are functioning and the numbers of these last days to prove it.

The number of the many victims in Italy is making us reflect and Locatelli launches a reflection. “Sunday is the day for the donation of the orders and of the tissues, these numbers that they have, wrapping our sensitivity can make us reflect on the culture of organ donation, which is never sufficiently promoted. With the donation of organs you can reconnect the wires existential that otherwise would be lost. Only by giving himself he gives a meaning to our existence. Those who do not donate is tops a seed does not sprout,” said professor Locatelli, who is launching this appeal.

The data region to region

The next press conference live at 18, will be Monday, April 20, 2020.

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