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Published on Mar 28, 2018


Image Comics has as a prerogative of the base to create stories as possible to the original, and the Copperhead does not save at all, so as to be among the most recommended by professionals. Among the main sponsors of the comics there are in fact authors of the calibre of Robert Kirkman and Brian K. Vaughan.

Of course, the idea of mixing the science fiction with the western contemporary is attractive, but it's a mix between Star Wars and Three Posters to the Ebbing Missouri could be a disastrous, if entrusted to the wrong hands. But this is not the case of the two creators of the Copperhead Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewsky, which they have packaged a comic book enjoyable, and which in the first volume, published in Italy by Saldapress, entitled " A New Sheriff in Town (we reviewed here), has put in evidence that the mixture of the above in a most interesting.

In the second volume Escape in the Desert we find the sheriff Clara Bronson and her son Zeke and his deputy, alien Boo, the inhabitant of the Badlands Ishmael, and a series of characters presented in the first story arc. What could happen on a Friday night in the dusty town of Copperhead, on a planet's “frontier” and in disarray? The free evening of sheriff Bronson will be disturbed by an attempted murder against her, and from the kidnapping of the deputy-sheriff Boo. In the middle is interlaced another strand of narrative that will put at the centre of the dark past of the former husband of Clara.

In short, there are all the elements for a story, rough quality. The texts and the screenplay of Jay Faerber have an ideal pace, manage the timing of the image combining characters and images in a way wise. The designs of Scott Godlewsky are attentive to detail, and lend themselves to the roughness of the environment of the Copperhead, and its characters, highlighting the very china, and showing a decidedly Nineties that not be out of place at all.

To lighten the touch of the drawings are the colors of Ron Riley, who manages to give the images a certain vivacity, lightening the visual impact of the comic compared to the harsh tone of the story and of the characters themselves.

But the problem that highlights this second volume of the Copperhead is a matter now chronic within the Image Comics: the management of the narrative of the whole series. In the era of the triumph of the serialization, to which both cinema and comics are well-rendered, chasing after the fortunes of the medium of television, the times narrative you are greatly dilated.

The fact is that it is not easy to manage narratives on the long-term, and the risk is that not all the donuts they can exit with the hole. In fact, as we have noticed in some other series, Image Comics, also the Copperhead, the great ideas of narrative (the past of sheriff Bronson and her relationship with her ex-husband for example) are excessively dilated, making the basic plot a little too distracting and unattractive.

Masterpieces of narrative as Breaking Bad are not easy to replicate, and remain at the medium of comics, the ability of Robert Kirkman to manage a serialization for more than a decade is not inherent in any author (although good). Therefore, the defect of the Copperhead is to not get in the middle of the basic plot, spreading it too thinly on the inside of floorcloths, marginal, taking the center of the narrative, to the neglect of what the reader is curious about the most.

Copperhead shows a planet, dusty, full of deserts and arid, aliens coexist with humans, a war the past that was central to the breeds of the planet, a dark destiny that involves the protagonist, but everything is put in the margin to two volumes. Objectively there seems to be a bit like continuing to put so much great food at the risk of it rotting.

However, the clliffhanger the final bodes well for the future. Therefore, we await with interest the publication of the third volume, always well realized by saldaPress, which you save with the extra (from storyboards, to the tables preliminary). Hoping that the next time the history becomes immediately “in medias res”.

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