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Published on Apr 30, 2019


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Cooking for someone is one of the ways the most basic to take care of someone, and we italians know well.

My mother, for example, even though my sister and I, we do not live in your home, continue to cook portions of food that include us of the numbers of the people to sustain, with the effect most pleasing, in truth!) to be accompanied by boxes of food variously labeled or ready for freezing each time we go to dinner by my parents.

The food lends itself, therefore, to express the affection towards the other, or at least the availability to a relationship (with how many friends you shared the snack!). From this universal experience, I believe the birth of A party in the street of the GiardinidiFelicita Room, the book is not a case dedicated to the mother: "the door is always open, whose table is always full". Oh yes, because if you eat together, the door must be open!

"That smells good in at number 10 of via dei Giardini: smells delicious, who know how to party".

From this incipit, every couple of pages later we are accompanied in an apartment: to the left a glimpse of people at work (with many of the children that they "collaborate") presented briefly ("to ground floor Mary will crush the avocado with a fork"), and to the right the beautiful and large illustrations of the ingredients followed by the title of the dish and the recipe.

The journey through the recipes of the world, however, does not correspond to a geographic journey and a desire to popular, much more significantly our culinary journey takes place inside of a condominium, the French, perhaps slightly idealized in the variety of its tenants, but even then too.

You will not find national flags or the protagonists in typical clothes, you will not find even indicated the origin otherwise of every recipe: the glimpses of different cuisines are similar, even though, obviously inhabited by people of different nationalities, are the details (the painting of Picasso, the Lady, who reminds Guadalupe, the cat that greets...) and maybe the facial features to give us a clue. In some cases, however, even these will not suffice (the kids who prepare the meatballs?), but this is the beauty of it: the mix of flavors and dishes blends regardless of origin. Some kitchens have more recipes (for example, the French and other nationalities are the least covered, and this is no cause for disappointment: in the end, I said, is not to be exhaustive or to speak of the kitchens of the world, but to show the richness and the potential that has the food, in our everyday reality, to create links and new communities.

The recipes are chosen from among the more simple and immediate (Guacamole, Mini quiche, Dahl with coconut milk,...) also perhaps among the most expendable among diners not accustomed to a certain type of cuisine, just as if the protagonists were to put on the stove with the aim of enriching the picnic of the condominium, as is!

The book I loved in its entirety right in this setting that makes it usable as a recipe book of the dishes of the world by cooking with the children, but also to the choice of framing the whole in a narrative that ends – as you may have imagined – at the table, and that allows readers to enjoy the different paintings family, to observe the variety of ingredients and perhaps, to imagine and to tell all that the texts do not make explicit.

The illustrations by Felicita Sala are beautiful, warm, comfortable, colorful, soft...: its style and technique I like very much.

An original book that tells the story of the integration more than they want us to believe, an invitation to peek out from the door – why not?! – and that can be a read appreciated by 6 years.

"Take a chair and get a plate. All are welcome at number 10 in via dei Giardini".

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