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Published on Sep 03, 2019


I was very curious to put your hands on Control, a title that seemed already by the early launch trailer is very interesting, but I never imagined that i would have found myself in front of one of the games, for me the most exciting of the last years, in spite of the technical problems that affect the playability. However, before getting into the thick of this review, allow me a brief introduction: Control is not a game for everyone for a variety of reasons that I will explain shortly. Alienating, disturbing, visionary and twisted, Control is a fantastic voyage inside a world in evolution, in becoming, an alien world where nothing is as it seems. Really anything:


Without going too much into the details of a plot that seems to come out from the head of David Lynch, but instead was born to Anna Megill and Sam Lake, the author, the latter games of the calibre of Alan Wake, Max Payne and Quantum Break, in the Control instincts on the part of Jesse Faden, masterfully played by Courtney Hope (if you are viewers of the bold and the Beautiful, the actress played in the long-running soap opera, the role of the young nephew of the same name by Sally Spectra, but he also had a role in the video game Quantum Break and in the film, Allegiant, which is part of the series of Divergent).

Jesse will have to explore the nothing short of bizarre building of the Federal Bureau of Control, a structure in which the space is changing, distorted, twisted and manipulated by a mysterious force called “Hiss”. If you want to get fully into the world of a dystopian in which this wonderful title is set, I strongly suggest you talk with different characters, and Jesse meet in his absurd journey, but you can also find lots of files, whether audio or video, around the “Oldest House”, as it is called the FBC, which will help you to better understand what is going on within the Federal Bureau of Control.

Control, however, is not only a journey in a surreal reality: to be able to continue in the story, you will face waves of enemies and solve some interesting and challenging puzzles, and, as if all this were not enough, guests can also engage in a rich variety of secondary missions really very different between them that will test your skills, but will reward you with Experience Points and, sometimes, with brand new skills for our Jesse; to tell the truth, the title is meant to be enjoyed even by exploiting only the skills that you unlock in the main story, but I guarantee you that those optional you will facilitate your life!


From the point of view of the gameplay, the Control is a third-person shooter in which, however, you can also count on the skills the kinetics of Jesse, to which you can alternate the use of fire arms (in fact, the weapon is always the same, but you can create different versions, call Forms of the Weapon, with the ability to quickly switch from one to the other, equipaggiandone but only two at a time, at your discretion) with the launch of objects, and if they were to be in the vicinity, nothing to fear: Jesse can manipulate the very structure of the FBC, pulling off pieces of cement directly from the columns and from the floor of the environment in which it is located; virtually everything you see on your screen can be launched and used as a weapon, so have fun experimenting with various strategies of attack, while also keeping in mind that, if it is true that you will have infinite ammo, once you empty the magazine you'll have to wait a few seconds until it fills up again, and also the skills require a certain amount of stamina, called Energy, for which, once finished, you'll have to wait for this bar to reload; the game system is therefore designed so that the players should alternate the use of firearms and special abilities. Also, only when you objects you can use the auto-aiming, which is absent during the use of firearms.

As for the saves, in the game you will find very Points of Control interconnected between them, which you can then take advantage of not only to save your position, create and modify weapons and bonus for the individual, but also to quickly move from one point to another of the vast game map and the Control Points are divided into two types: while some simply need to be activated, the other will be purified, thus allowing the physical structure of the Oldest House to change before your eyes, making it accessible to some areas that otherwise might not.

Visually, the Control has a structure nothing short of fascinating, surreal, distorted, and strongly visionary and the graphics is really very satisfying, a real pleasure for the eyes.

That said, let's move on, alas, to the painful notes. From the technical point of view, the Control suffers from several problems, which hopefully will be soon resolved thanks to the ad-hoc patch: first of all, the map is very inaccurate, for which, at times, orient to the inside of the building could be a big problem, not to mention that the same in the different cases, it is shown once it has been opened; also, the uploads are rather slow (ranging on average from 20 to 30 seconds) and often, once it has returned to the game after pausing, immediately after loading and in the presence of a high number of enemies on the screen, you will notice that the images are not fluid and go to shots; to this must be added the focus of some writing, in front of which you'll have to pause a few seconds, before you can decipher.

Despite these problems, however, Control is a great title, a fascinating and rewarding like few others, a true must for fans of the genre, and there is even a soundtrack of all respect of which it is a part of a beautiful song from Poets of the Fall in the guise of their alter ego, the fictional Old Gods of Asgard, the band, the latter, inside the world of Alan Wake, and the soundtrack of which the formation of finland has taken part in it. The song was specially written to Control and will give you the right charge in one of the sections more visually intriguing, this beautiful title: this is Take Control, that you can appreciate here, with a lot of text:

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