Continues until April, the promotion HYPE that offers 10€ to the new members


Published on Mar 06, 2018


HYPE is a rechargeable card, innovative of which we've already talked about it on iSpazio. In addition to the basic functions, similar to Paypal, with the HYPE we will be able to take advantage of a variety of functions and advantages. There are also 10 $ bonus that you can get by activating, free of charge, a paper HYPE and the promotion is accessed by using a special COUPON that you can find at the end of the article, by the end of April.

HYPE is equipped with an IBAN and allows it to be recharged or Bank wire transfer. We can even accredit our salary on this card and use it as a sort of Credit Card to all the effects.

Supports Apple Pay, then, in addition to contactless payments through the physical card, we will leave the wallet at home, paying through our iPhone or the Apple Watch

With HYPE you can withdraw cash (without commissions and at any atm in Italy and in the world). Through the mobile App Hype it is possible to exchange money with friends in your address book, simply by using a mobile number or an e-mail. Really very useful for “smezzare” the cost of a pizza, a subscription, a shared Netflix, and anything else.

Those who want to be able to activate HYPE Plus a cost of€ 1 per month to have the opportunity to credit the salary on the card and remove the limit of a maximum of 2.500€ charge per year.

To get the€ 10 free upon registration, you must enter the COUPON “GIFT10” in the last field of the registration page, under the heading “I have a Promo code”. The€ 10 will be credited within 7 working days of the first free charging (just 1€). The validity of the Coupon has been extended until the end of April 2018.

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