Continues the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm that thinks of the plot


Published on Jan 28, 2017


Qualcomm and Apple continue in their dispute over after that last week, the latter filed a complaint at first because of its alleged monopolistic practices.

Apple uses many years of the chip of Qualcomm for its devices, but in recent times the relations have undergone a strong cooling.

The mother house of the iPhone has observed and criticised the policy of Qualcomm in the price comparisons not really fair associated with the granting of the patent by requesting a billion dollars as a compensation, compensation is proportionate to the money invested over the years for the use of the necessary technologies.

The cost of compensation has not been absolutely accepted by the CEO of Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf has promptly responded:

This complaint is not a disguised trade dispute on the price of the intellectual property. Qualcomm has lawfully established prices for use of their technologies on the market and although Apple has gained over the years billions of dollars by using these technologies , are trying to lower the prices in order to spend less. It's all here.

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