Condoms at home in twenty minutes? Now just an App

Published on Feb 16, 2017

The world of home deliveries, from one month to this part, is offering a new service that, in many cases can prove to be providential. On the 9th of January he made his debut SexAPPeal, the first App in Italy for the delivery of condoms at home. Condoms at home in twenty minutes? Now just an App. From the classic to those not in latex, ideal for people with allergies, passing the ergonomic; from sex toys to lubricants: the application – available for Android and iOS – offers a wide range of products. The customer can select the object in the appropriate store according to your needs and have it delivered to your home in just 20 minutes in an anonymous form. On the packaging, in fact, does not appear any reference to the sender and there is no logo or name-related to the content of the box. It all started as a joke. Alberto Clemenzi, medical student of 24 years, is the mind behind the project. The developer talks about the path that led to the launch of this platform: “The idea came to me during a dinner with friends. Ordering a pizza at home, we thought, jokingly, that it would be useful to offer another service of that type...”. The idea stays in the drawer for a few months but is in a lesson of virology at the university that Clemenzi decides to dive body and soul into the project. “During that lesson have been provided to us students important numbers on sexually transmitted diseases. And since the form of more effective prevention is represented by the condom, I came to think of that initial idea, working on it”. In six months Clemenzi realizes everything: “I created a computer system automated, and in particular the web site and two apps, which are all fully connected”. The system – explains the student-entrepreneur – works in a very simple and intuitive: “When a customer makes an order, to employees a notification appears and the first that takes the order makes the delivery. All in 20 minutes. Within the app customers can choose from a variety of time slots”. SexAPPeal has the headquarter in Pavia. The team SexAPPeal is run by Alberto and his mother: “’ she – tells – the person that I involved from the point of view of the economic and financial one, the one that allowed me to found the Srl on which SexAPPeal leans”. The team of bellmen is composed of about fifteen people. The app is currently only available for those who reside in the city of Pavia, but Albert dreams big and aims to conquer all of Northern Italy and, why not, the whole of the Peninsula. “We chose Pavia because it is a little oasis, with around 20 thousand students, of which 80% out of the office. Added to the inhabitants of Pavia and make 70 thousand inhabitants. Then we speak of 50 thousand people in a fertile age, in total”. What wouldn't you do to keep the customer. The province of lombardy, however, is close to Clemenzi: “We are looking to expand and Turin may be the next stage, but we are also looking at other small towns such as Padua and other university towns of Northern Italy.” Alberto said he was satisfied of how the business: “In a day we do about 30-40 deliveries, then it is clear that there are days, yes days and no”.In the best ones, he explains, it can be difficult to meet the demands of all customers: “In the moments in which the computer system is full and all the bellhops are engaged in it, many customers call the phone number to make the order. And often I happened to make a delivery personally, in order not to lose the customer”. (ADNKRONOS)

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