Concert 1 may 2020 to Rome: all the artists on the stage of the concert


Published on Apr 27, 2020


There will be the concert of the first may 2020 to Rome? Yes, we've already talked about. It will be an edition with the most special since for the first time will not take place in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, but in a television studio. But not for this the show will not be of the levels seen in the past years, in fact. The concert on the first of may this year, will alternate on stage with artists of great caliber, new talents but also the stars of our music, we think, for example Ermal Meta, just to mention one of the names that has been announced before send out the official list of the singers that we listen to.

And yet, among the names of the officers who make up the cast of this concert from the sweet-bitter taste, there are Francesca Michielin, Fabrizio Moro and Francesco Gabbani. And the artists of the first level are not lacking, even if these names at the time were not formalized, by those following the communication of the may day concert, according to the rumors, in the day of the big concert, we should also listen to Zucchero, Vasco Rossi and Gianna Nannini. Three of the greatest Italian artists in the world. And see also Vasco Rossi on that stage, would surely be very particular to that Blasco was not granted often ( Sugar and Gianna Nannini this year, you are already at san remo).

The event, which the CGIL, CISL and UIL have given the title of “work in Safety: to Build the Future”, will be conducted live on TV from the Teatro Delle Vittorie in Rome, with the production of Rai Tre and contributions to the music selected, and products made for the occasion by iCompany with the artistic direction of Massimo Bonelli.

The list of singers who will perform at the may day concert is long. Let's see the other names.

Among others on the stage there will also be :Aiello, Alex Britti, Bugo and Nicola Savino, Cristiano Godano of Marlene Kuntz, Dardust, Edoardo and Eugenio Bennato, Fasma and Fulminacci. And yet Irene Grandi, The Vibrations, The welfare State, Margaret Vicar, Niccolò Fabi and Noemi. To conclude, the Orchestra of the accademia di Santa Cecilia, Paola Turci, Rocco Papaleo and Tosca.


To make the most of the quality of the artistic performances, in the full respect of the safety regulations of the health emergency in the course, the live will be made primarily at the sala Sinopoli of the Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome (where it is installed, the Auditorium, the Stage, the First of May 2020) as well as in other locations scattered throughout Italy, and chosen directly by the artists.

Unlike what happened last year, the line-in live from Piazza San Giovanni in Rome was around 16, and this year it starts around 20 to close at midnight. Four hours of great music for an event that is certain will remain in the history.

The appointment, and then not in a square in Rome on Rai 3, may 1, 2020, but all in front of the tv in our homes from 20.

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