Conan the Barbarian returns to Marvel Comics!


Published on Jan 12, 2018


The Marvel now has just released the cover of Conan of Esad Ribic and Mike Deodato, not providing, however, other details:

With more than 650 numbers from 1970 to 2000, Marvel has brought to the fans the adventures of Conan The Barbarian, Conan the Adventurer, Conan the Savage, and Savage Sword of Conan, among others.

“By Barry Windsor-Smith and John Buscema to Neal Adams, a legendary series of extraordinary artists has given birth to Conan on the pages of Marvel comics,” said C. B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of Marvel. “It is a legacy that we want to address in the best way with the talents that we have lined up for the return home of the barbarian cimmero at the beginning of 2019. We are excited!”

“We are excited to work with Marvel and I look forward to the new adventures in store for Conan,” said Fredrik Malmberg, president of Conan Properties International. “Being the publisher's best known and creative sector, we think that Marvel is perfect for our stories.”

With this new agreement, Marvel will bring new stories new and exciting to fans around the world. The details on the upcoming titles of comic books, collections, reprints, and creative teams will be shared in the near future.

Currently the adventures of Conan are presented in newsagents in Italy from Hachette in the Conan Collection.

Conan the Barbarian returns to Marvel Comics! is




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