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Published on Mar 16, 2019


As many of you know, in the seventies, Marvel comics published with different success in the series dedicated to Conan, perhaps the most important and famous character of heroic fantasy created by the novelist texan Robert E. Howard. It was Roy Thomas, the creator of this, aware of the fact that the books of Conan enjoying remarkable success and a possible comic series that could attract not only the fans of barbaro, but also as potential readers not interested in superheroes.

The rest, as they say, is history. Conan The Barbarian soon became one of the comic-book the most loved and appreciated of Marvel, thanks to the texts of the same Thomas, and to the spectacular designs by artists of the calibre of Barry Windsor-Smith and John Buscema. Later there were other necklaces on the violent Cimmero but in the early nineties, Marvel lost the rights to the adaptation. In any case, the fans still had the opportunity to read his other stories to comics thanks to Dark Horse.

Now the situation has changed, and Marvel has again the possibility to use Conan and Panini Comics kicks off the current series of the Cimmero. The comic-book is written by Jason Aaron, one of the leading names in comicdom contemporary american, and we have to say that it is certainly suitable to narrate the exploits of the barbarian, since he often had to do with characters violent and aggressive. Shows right from the beginning is well acquainted with the typical atmosphere of the age hyboriana it is Conan, as well as his psychology.

The structure of the plot, moreover, is interesting. This first chapter, in fact, is centred on the struggle between the barbarian and a scary looking witch from the bad intentions and the story, then, is not devoid of intriguing horror elements. However, it ranks in the past because the real protagonist of the story-line is a Conan mature, become ruler of the mythical kingdom of Aquilonia. The events of the past, however, as you will discover, readers, influence the present, and Aaron creates the premises of a storyline that will surely prove to be complex, articulate and compelling.

The texts are well cared for, and recalling in part the style of the classic stories of the seventies, without, however, to reach the excesses of verbosity, while good, Roy Thomas. For what concerns the textual aspect, and then, Conan The Barbarian promises very well. The speech, however, is complicated in regard to the designs of Mahmud Asrar.

Mind you, this is a penciler that is valid in the specific context of this series proves to be effective. But his stroke is too crude and harsh, and does not grant much to the aesthetics and refinement. The chine make for a stout, the human figures and are devoid of plasticity and elegance. The battle sequences, which are fundamental for a necklace similar, are well designed but lack dynamism. In short, let's admit it, all of it, just to be brutal: the extraordinary series of 1970 he made his debut with Barry Windsor-Smith in the space of a few albi would have proposed tables of sublime beauty. The current one begins with Mahnud Asrar that, in the best of cases, is an honest guy.

In an appendix to the book there is the first installment of a novel, The Black Star, written by John C. Hocking, one of the authors who in recent years has dealt with the barbarian. The work is, moreover, connected to the history that was conceived by Aaron. On the whole, as a judge of this first exit? With regard to the texts, it is certainly of a good standard. It is not, however, for the designs. However, certainly appeal to fans of Conan and to the admirers of heroic fantasy.



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