Competitions for school children, primary and secondary breaking news: incoming calls by 2019


Published on Feb 11, 2019


Are incoming calls regarding the competition for the nursery school, the primary and the secondary. According to the latest news, by 2019 there will be calls, as stated by the Minister of Education, University and Research, Marco Bussetti, in the course of an interview in The Morning. Therefore, within this year, will be banned, the competition is ordinary for the infant and primary schools, but also at the secondary school level both of first and second degree.

The Minister of Education Bussetti has spoken to the school and the competitions are expected. He said: “Within the year there will be a selection to recruit 10 thousand teachers of primary and nursery school and another for middle and high school“. He then specified that “both competitions will be national,” but that “prospective teachers this time may indicate 2 or 3 regions and only compete for those chairs“. Therefore, by 2019 there will be tenders for the competitions of the kindergarten, the primary and the secondary of first and second level.

With regard to the competition for the nursery school and the primary, the requirements are: diploma, master or experimental to address language obtained within the year 2001/2002; a degree in Education Sciences or foreign degree equivalent.

With regards to secondary school, posts common the requirements should be:

Instead, for the posts of teacher, technical and practical, you must possess a valid diploma for the access to the class of the competition request, to which is added the qualification or bachelor degree.

Support teachers who want to take part in the competition must have, in addition to requirements for posts and common to those for the ITP, also a specialization. The same is true for the nursery school and the primary.

We can only wait, therefore, the call for proposals related to competitions for pre-school education, primary and secondary.

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