Communication: The app iSpazio does not update the Home Page – How to temporarily resolve


Published on Nov 07, 2018


Small communication service for all users that use our application. Some day, you will have noticed that Push Notifications are coming in regularly but the Home Page does not update.

Consequently, many users are writing to have the Home locked to 2 November, or the next day and not to not be able to unlock this situation to view the latest news, if not eliminating and reinstalling the application.

First of all, thank you for the many submissions via email that you have sent us. We have already replied to all messages, but we realize that many other people are affected by this problem even if we do not have written an e-mail. This article just serves to clarify what is happening:

We have activated a new theme on the Desktop site and Mobile apps iSpazio. Now you will have noticed all but the works are still in progress, and as long as we bring them to term, we need to keep an active cache is very aggressive to avoid malfunctions. This causes the partial “block” of the application fails to update the Home but allows you to read new articles via Push Notifications).

As a temporary solution, you can perform this step to display the Latest News in Home Page:

At this point, do a refresh and you'll see the latest articles. This is a workaround temporary use until we have finished the work, and remove (remote) cache. Please have patience... we like to change and improve the site, but of course all this requires work that sometimes causes problems (in the initial phase). We guarantee that you will return shortly everything is in place and will be much better than before!

The alternative, of course, is to use Safari and connect to the to view a Home Page that is updated, without sacrificing the Push Notifications of the application that are fully functional and viewable.

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