Comes the answer of Flight for the video of the journalists, who them him in Sanremo: “This is bullying”


Published on Feb 11, 2019


There are no doubts on the fact that the journalists present in the press room at san remo, that have offended free the three “tenorini” have to make their excuses, possibly to the public. Unfortunately, for the moment, these excuses did not arrive but they arrived the words of regret on the part of the Flight. Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone break the silence and do it with a post on social. Choose the medium that best works, since, on the part of the journalists, have received only insults, insults and taken for the bottoms. Network, In fact, are circulated video shameful that show how journalists have made fun of guys all the time, while they were in the race in Sanremo, italy. You are not limited only to stand up, after that Claudio Baglioni has announced the third place of the Flight, they applauded as if they had been at the stadium ( and should, instead, be a little respectful, not fans), but they have done more. In the video circulating on the network, in fact, feel all the insults you guys. “You're a [email protected]”, “you have to stay in jail” and other phrases that really do make me shudder. Of the rest, the journalists, the party took, were against The Flight, it was known to all since long time I do not hide it between newspaper articles, offenses on the web sites and so forth. And just take a look at the standings: the boys, always the first in the televoting in the evenings where you have performed ( or still in the first places) like the italians, but not like the journalists that had them arrive after the twentieth place.


This afternoon then it finally arrived the long-waited response, or, better, comment what had happened, from the three singers who remember him, despite the aversion of journalists in the press room at san remo ( not all present in that place, and not all of those are in san remo there were, remember), they finished third with their song, the Music that remains.

And here is how have commented on the guys the events that took place:

“some journalists (and it is good to say that it is only some) have heavily insulted. They used words such as ‘m***e’, ‘v********or’, ‘in jail’, etc etc, which we consider as the fruit of a true and proper form of bullying, of ridicule from the stadium. These people have not brought glory to the order they represent. Their attitude was an insult, before that, to us, to all the fellow journalists who perform their job in a serious and professional”.

The post on social

A shared post from The Flight (@ilvolomusic) date: Feb 11, 2019 at 9:52 am PST

We expect an apology from anyone who was in the press room, who has offended the boys and maybe even of one who has a laugh because often we are aiming the finger against the young people talking about bullying and cyberbullying, we should give the example.

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