Comes Dos, the new card game “brother” of One!


Published on Feb 14, 2018


The game is the most famous and most loved of the world, after more than 40 years after its birth, it has a following. It will be called Dos, and it will be a “all new all different” version of the game apart-friendships for excellence.

Under the graphic point of view, is very similar to the One: the colors are the same, as well as the arrangement of the numbers. Change, however, some basic rules, including the winning system. This time it will go only to the availability of cards, but will win who will get the highest score.

The manufacturer Mattel has released some rule in the preview:

Special cards:

So far we have no information on the distribution of the game in the european market, while in America it will be distributed, in the preview from march in Target stores, decks Dos at a cost of$ 5.99, waiting for the official launch in the month of August 2018. And with regard to the Italian soil? You will call Two or leave the original name?

Let us know what do you think of this new gameplay!

Comes Dos, the new card game “brother” of One! is




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