Come to me, Caterina Balivo in tears: ‘In a crisis with my husband for a photo...

Published on Oct 06, 2018

To Come to me there were tears in yesterday's episode. What is success? Caterina Balivo wanted as a guest, Justine Mattera, who said her drama

Caterina Balivo, she was moved, she couldn't hold back the emotion. No one expected that after the publication of a shot of piping hot like the nude of the beautiful Justine Mattera, could happen to the patatrak. Here's what happened.

It was a bet a little different from the usual. Caterina Balivo has shed a few tear. The reason for this? It seems that the story of Justine Mattera has struck in the depths. The beautiful Justine told that the famous nude photos published on the social, her wedding with Fabrizio Cassata likely to miss.

The shot, as you will recall, of course, it was too hot. Now the two are experiencing relationship problems considerable. Catherine listening to his story is saddened, as part of the studio audience. It was evident that Justine was not going to put in crisis, his marriage, and was sincerely repentant.

Justine Mattera told the host what is her drama:

“I published my nude photos on Instagram that has so much offended”.

The showgirl has also asked publicly apologized to his wife:

“I apologize publicly with him, for me, it was a nice photo but has done a lot of talking.”

Justine Mattera has then revealed a gossip about what happened and about the reactions of her husband:

“His closest friends have convinced that if I had done that type of photo, it meant that I'd gone to bed with the photographer”

Even if it may seem absurd that for a picture a marriage reaches a crisis, Justine seemed really sincere. Before his retirement from public RaiUno, the Mattera concluded bitterly:

“It is an open wound. We are in crisis because of that shot. A moment can question the whole of our life together, our family with two children”.

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