Come to Me back on Rai 1, but The proof of the cook remains in the box


Published on Apr 29, 2020


Moves something in the Rai, at least judging from the Tv Guide for next week. There are, in fact, the news for what concerns the program of Rai 1 that from 4 may change! Also for tv apparently begins the phase 2 and phase 2 Caterina Balivo back at the helm of his program live from Rome! Come to me back then aired from may 4, 2020 live. Tv guide the official Rai presents this news with the great return of the presenter ready to take the helm of the show, which will air from 14 to 15,40 and then give the line to the replicas of " The Paradise of the lord ( we are of the opinion that the program would be able to go on the air until at least 16,20, to avoid losing ratings views the replicas of the soap).

This, however, is at the moment the only news for the program of Rai 1. It was expected that The proof of the cook would return in a wave but for the moment, the program Elisa Isoardi is on the box.

From Monday, then Caterina Balivo back on the air. The tv presenter had revealed in these days, all of his concerns for a program to handle live but also for the safety of getting out all of the days of the house. So great is the concern for her children. But from Monday many italians to return to work, with the utmost precaution, and thereby also to Catherine go on the air to give a couple of hours of lightness to the italians who really have a great need.

It will not be easy because everything has changed, because you must comply with the new rules, because you will be the distances. But this new world awaits us and we must learn to know him, even through the changes we'll see on the small screen.

If to Come to me and then there is the date of the great return in a wave, anything you know about The test of the cook. Obviously, for a cooking program, things are more complicated, since you will have to be careful of every single move to avoid committing errors. The fact is that as also mentioned, Elisa Isoardi, not without a vein in controversy, the Rai could have sent in wave replicas of the program instead of opting for replicas of the Green Line. But so it was, and at the end The test of the cook, at least for now, is not back on tv.

May be transmitted from may 11, and if it doesn't happen, let's imagine that the program of Elisa Isoardi at this point, will close as well, without a return to tv, the season.

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