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Published on Jul 31, 2018


The past sooner or later returns to the surface, especially if he still has something to do with the present.

In the past, Zagor's is full of colourful characters and situations, good and bad, have formed the Spirit with the Hatchet.

But there are some characters and events in the past, Zagor's that sometimes re-emerge with more consistency, to better understand the path of the hero of Darkwood, and to give some of the adventure more intriguing to the loyal readers and bonelli.

The one that you can read in the new Color Zagor, entitled The Justice of Wandering Fitzy, is a story made up of past characters, which, however, have a strong echo on the mind of the spirit with the Hatchet. There is Adah, the blind girl, became an adult and forged by suffering and adversity, but always faithful to his desire to accept, without prejudice to the diversity of others.

There is Percy, the monster who laughs: a clear reference to the protagonist of the novel The Man who Laughs by Victor Hugo and the silent film, that inspired the villain for excellence in the comics or the Joker. The story of Percy is interwoven with the past, Zagor's, at the time called Path, and with an episode that marked the lives of all three protagonists, throwing the mystery, death, and horror in a quiet valley at the foot of the Peak of the Raven, where the boys were spending the childhood.

But in this story especially, there is “Wandering” Fitzy, the man who taught him to Zagor, to fumble in the dark, and to make him understand that revenge is never a source of comfort and satisfaction.

An intriguing story that proposed by the writer Giorgio Giusfredi, which uses these four characters, telling a the past far enough, and placing them within a plot mystery: several of the inhabitants of the valley, as well as some warriors Cayuga, who live a short distance away, they are found murdered and horribly disfigured, with a gash identical to the one brought by the boy that laughs. Of course, all the suspicions fall on Percy.

Giusfredi imbastisce an intriguing plot, narrated through a long flashback, at the end of which the reader will learn: the past, even though violent and full of suffering, can be a carrier of positive messages and changes, pushing towards a future in which we will judge based on appearances.

What is missing in this story for you to truly become excellent is a bit of pace and suspense. Elements which, considering the subject is very rich, you would have been able to enhance. However, this does not detract from the merits of a story that remains intriguing and enjoyable.

Well done also to the designs of Mauro Laurenti, which respects the classical style of Gallieno Ferri, daring even a touch of daring, thanks to a couple of tables outside the classical schemes zagoriani.

The colors of the GFB Comics are well suited to the drawings of the Laurentians, not risking to make alienating the application of color to the tables zagoriane, which have always been the trademark of black-and-white.

In short, what the readers bonelli are about to read is a Color Zagor intriguing, with an interesting plot and mystery stories, which does not spare even some small suggestion of horror. In times of summer reading under the umbrella and there is nothing better than to be conquered by the fresh air of Darkwood, and the adventures of the Spirit with the Hatchet, capable of providing always the great stories in which they can escape.

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