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Published on Nov 15, 2018


Shared, reshared, stracondivisi by thousands of users on Facebook and Instagram, The Doodles of Maicol & Mirco are tidbits of philosophy of the everyday, and not accessible to all. In spite of the many repost from the part of the authors, it can always happen to get lost for the street a few Scribble in particular: here comes to the rescue, Bao Publishing, who publish an opera omnia, where are collected all the strips published on the web and in magazines. During the festival of lucca, we met with Maicol & Mirco, busy with their fans in the firmacopie, and we took the opportunity to ask them a few questions.

MF: Which policy you decided to order the strips? Chronological, thematic, etc...

M: We decided to publish the doodles in chronological order, skipping the ones published in the first two volumes produced. We left slightly after, because later in time, we will publish again those self-produced in a single volume. The Doodles in Argh are unpublished on paper. In the series ristamperemo long stories, the short, the special, the strip published in “Linus” and other magazines. In short, we will own all, except The suicide, explained to my son, who will never be reprinted because of the method”before, or” never " to the left.

MF: how Many books will be?

M: let's Assume for a fortnight. The format will be the same, and the necklace was conceived as a series from the library, which will have the same size of The father God. It is an ode to the pocket of a time with which we grew up: we tried to keep the price as low as possible, remember that a little bit the Oscar Mondadori, and Peanuts.

MF: In the preface of the book signed by Adriano Ercolani, come defined as "a cross between Beckett and G. G. Allin". Will review in its description?

M: Hadrian was the first to believe! The Doodles are born as a vent and to tell what in the literature has not yet been told. We are of the opinion that there is nothing not-well-characterised, there is only the right way to do it. The Doodles are just that: the right way to tell something which is not talked about or which it is difficult to talk about.

To 18 from IODINE.

Posted by Michael Rocchetti on Friday, October 26, 2018

MF: THE titles are based on onomatopoeia: after this Argh there will be Sob's, and so on. Why have you chosen to show us?

M: Because they are extremely narrative in our comics, and then is a tribute to the comic classic. As we are a new and different form of story-telling to comics, of the canons of the comic book classic. Every revolutionary must have a solid foundation in the classical world!

MF: Why have you chosen the solution bichrome red/black?

M: Like all of the things that work, a choice was random and not weighted. Born from the very jet: from the content to the characters, to the length... When you stop to think about it too, comes out of what you really want to tell. The red background is immediately became the narrative, if we did, white and black would exit another work. Now it has become part of the content, and it is the flag of The Doodles!

MF: as far as the characters, are all different, but we find some recurring (one scribble on a beard with a beard and a hat...). There are scribbles which are you most fond of?

M: All the doodles live in the space of the page, but actually some return: there are me and Natalie, we are now masks classic, then God and Satan, that is, outside and went to finish it The father of God... Some are survivors of the massacre of the strip, and have sent them in that book, which represents the cosmogony of The Doodles, and amplified.

MF: Despite the genesis of the doodles is of 2001, in 2012, you began to publish them online. What are the differences between printed publications and on the web?

M: Online is very effective because it is fast to read, then it remains in the times of the Internet. On paper you have the opportunity to read them below. All these doodles together they make a set of phrases that I have said that is collected in a single book, of which I do not know the plot and who are the first to read it. Read it together, we can see the process of the narrative unconscious wants to go.

MF: why you close each vignette with the words “the end”?

M: in The beginning was to give a comic effect, to give a dry, like if I started with the car at 140 km/h and then you have to immediately nail. Then it became a stylistic element of the story. Also rhythm to the story and very often adds content, it is not only a spectator of the closing.

MF: Bao Publishing have published also The father of God and the red Ball and blue ball. There was a job among these in particular that you're particularly fond of?

M: The volume of The Doodles is something that we had particularly for a long time. Trivially, all three things are desired: red Ball and blue ball turns to my favorite audience, children; The father God was in the works for ten years, and it was impossible to produce because of the high costs. For this reason, we are super-happy with all three jobs!

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